The Office of the Ministry of Technical Education and Professional Training continues the program of interventions in facilities attached to the offices of the ministries.

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Hadhramaut (Aden Al-Ghad) private

Dr. Salem Salah Bajaber, Director General of the Office of the Ministry of Technical Education and Vocational Training in the Sahel, continues his inspection and control visits to the program of community interventions, together with Engineer / Sami Al Nahdi, Director of the Labor Market and Private. Sectoral Department, as part of partnership and cooperation and provision of maintenance and installation services in a number of facilities, schools and associations attached to the offices of the ministries To provide professional services that directly contribute to settling some special problems in the fields of electrical maintenance. , wiring, installation and other professional specializations required by the intended facilities.

During his visit this morning, Dr. Bajaber inspected the Al-Ammooh Association for the Disabled and learned from the Association’s Financial Director, Mrs. Awatef Al-Yahri and the Director of the Technical Office, about the most prominent needs of the association on professional courses that improve the skills of young people in certain professions, praising at the same time the efforts of the students of the Vocational Institute for the success of their field application during the program.

On the other hand, Dr. Bajaber visited Al-Fajr Orphanage, one of the targeted facilities, and was received by Dr. Walid Al-Hamidi, director of the home, who gave an explanation about the home, emphasizing the importance of the program. this created an important collaboration and quality benefit. He extended his thanks to the leadership of the office of the Ministry of Technical Education and Professional Training in the Hadhramaut coast for this step, that Positive results were achieved at the level of interventions for the facilities, also regarding the youth of the program, students of vocational institutes in the Hadhramauta coast.

This visit included the Al-Shafi’i School of Basic Education in Fuwa, in the presence of the Director General of the school, Mr. Muhammad Rajab Al-Saqr, who expressed satisfaction and happiness with the efforts of the Ministry’s office and the success. of the intervention program that met the needs of the school.

It is important to note that the program of community interventions, in weekly continuity, targets a number of facilities attached to the offices of education, social affairs, work, public health, population, endowments and the central correctional facility.

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