The sports media in Hadhramaut Coast praise the achievement of the disabled team (men and women)

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Hadhramaut (Aden Al-Ghad) Specialty:

Fadi Salem Haqan, head of the Sports Environment Union in Hadhramaut Coast, praised the active and distinguished participation of the Hadhramaut basketball team, wheelchairs (men and women) for the disabled, in the Republic Championship Cup Festival, which ended its competitions in Sanaa, with funding of the International Red Cross Organization.

Underlining the results achieved by the team of the county, which represents the Associations for the Physically Handicapped and the Ambitious Association for the Handicapped, in the tournament, and its second place among men and women in this specific event, as the first participation of people of determination in Hadramiya in such national championships.

Noting that through this participation, four players from the men’s national team were selected to join the national team, as reported by the head of mission, Mr. Muhammad Awad Mahqus, general program supervisor.

Haqqan said that this is a proud achievement for Hadhramaut, hoping that these people will be given a proper honor when they arrive in Mukalla, under the generous patronage of the Governor of Hadhramaut, Mr. Mabkhout Mubarak bin Madi, who pays great attention to this segment in various fields, including sports.
The General Directors of the Offices for Social Affairs and Work, Ahmed Salem Bazrous, and Youth and Sports, Hassan Saleh Masjedi, and the representative of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Hadramaut, Waseem Ahmed Belqasir, were in contact with the mission. and following their participation in this tournament.

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