The toll of agricultural damage in Mesaimeer Lahj due to rainwater and floods

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The Director of the Department of Agriculture, Irrigation and Fisheries in Al-Musaimeer District, Lahj Governorate, Mr. Abdul Habib Mahmoud Saleh, explained that the number of damages suffered by Al-Musaimeer District due to the rain water and torrential. rains that the Al-Musaimeer District experienced recently amounted to about 20,000 acres of agricultural land that were completely swept away, while 50 agricultural canals were damaged. 20 wells were flooded, 20 pumps were damaged, and 1,500 fruit and vegetable trees were destroyed.

Mahmoud indicated that the Department of Agriculture and Irrigation in the Board went down, together with the General Director of the Board, to the farms located on the banks of Wadi Taban and worked to determine the damage to the agricultural lands, wells, networks and water . channels in the Board, and the authorities in the County and the Ministry were informed of a detailed report on the extent of the severe damage in the Board.

At the same time, he praised the supporting role played by the local authority in the district and the efforts of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Fisheries, Director General of the Office of Agriculture and Irrigation in the county, Engineer Abdul Malik. Naji Obaid, for his diligent follow-up and direct knowledge of the extent of the damage to which the Al-Musaimeer District was exposed in that aspect.

The Director of the Agricultural and Irrigation Department in Al-Musaimeer District, Lahj Governorate, concluded his speech by calling on the relevant authorities, organizations, donor institutions and support funds to intervene quickly to end the suffering of farmers and provide them with support and assistance. .

*By Ahmed Mutrif

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