To deal with student density, temporary classrooms were opened in Mokha under the auspices of the Board’s Director General.

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Sheikh Abdullah Al-Saraji, Chairman of the Planning Commission in Al-Mokha location, together with Qasim Al-Shazli, Director of the Education Office, commissioned by the General Director of the Board, opened 12 temporary classrooms in the Al-Isha’a . Schools in Al-Nujaibah and the Martyr Muhammad Ali Ibrahim Schools in Yakhtal.

The Organization of Clean Hands undertook the construction of temporary classrooms, six classrooms for each school, in response to the urgent plan of the magistrate in Mokha to face the crisis of students, the majority of whom are displaced.

The two schools receive the equivalent of 3,300 male and female students, which has led some students to be deprived of education in the classroom and to receive their lessons under trees and in tents.

The temporary classrooms were built from iron caravans equipped with thermal insulation measures, according to the statement of Al-Shazly, who confirmed that the classrooms were furnished with 180 double chairs.

The opening took place with a carnival festival, which was attended by the beneficiaries of the defenseless children and social figures.

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