To the UN envoy to Yemen Written by Sha’i bin Wabar

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After all the sacrifices and thousands of martyrs and wounded, the people of the South will not accept fair solutions and long-term patchwork solutions.
Any political products flavored with the United Nations, which do not meet the aspirations of the southern people, sooner or later will end up in the trash.

The only solution is to part with kindness and benevolence, as witnessed by the United Nations, and restore everything we have in its archives, including flags, anthems, currency and land.
Otherwise, it will prolong the internal conflicts, north and south, which will negatively affect the lives of citizens in all aspects of life.

Here you read the reality, saw the good from the bad, and saw who deserves a comfortable life as a result of defending, freeing the land in record time, and going beyond that.
Also, Hadhramaut is the thorn in the balance in any future settlement, because its military and political elite will not settle for anything but an independent region under the slogan of Hadhramaut for its people, away from any centralization, marginalization and exclusion.
And long as you in God’s care

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