Unveiling the Samsung T5 EVO SSD drive with a capacity of up to 8 TB

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She announced company Samsung today on engine Discs SSD T5 EVO Mobile phone the new and he first engine Tablets portable With ability 8 terabyte And he comes with protection of Shocks external.

He depends T5 EVO on outlet USB 3.2 Gen 1 And it saves Speeds reading And writing achievement to 460 Megabyte/second.

informs an offer the engine whole 95 mm And he informs His length 40 mm with fish 17 mm And weight 102 grams. how come on T5 EVO In color the black with an episode gray Gigantic working Like a handle or a hole For the zone.

maybe For the structure to provide protection More of the fall For distance achievement to Two meters. And own Samsung too Technique Dynamic Thermal Guard against get up degree the heat, And supports SSD Mobile phone encryption data AES.

available SSD T5 EVO Mobile phone of Samsung Worldwide At a price 190 $ an american to publish 2 terabyte Andthree hundred and fifty $ an american to publish 4 terabyte, while informs price broadcasting 8 terabyte 650 $ an american.


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