Veteran players of Ahwar Sports Club thank the officials, youth and athletes of Al-Mahfad District.

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Al-Mahfad (Aden of Tomorrow) Special:

The veteran players of Ahwar Sports Club extend their sincere thanks, gratitude and appreciation to their brothers in their second board, Al-Mahfad Directorate, for their warm welcome and generous hospitality.
Which they met from their brothers in their second district, Al-Mahfad.

A delegation of veteran players from Ahwar Sports Club relocated this morning, Thursday, and they arrived, thank God, in Al-Mahfad District this afternoon. They were received by their brothers, officials, young people and athletes of Al-Mahfad District, with everyone. warmth, welcome, joy and gladness. They are led by the President of Al-Mahfad Sports Club, the eminent Professor Khaled Abdullah Bahaqina, the Director of the Office of Public Health in Al-Mahfad District, Dr. Abdullah Ali Jaira, the Director of the Youth and Sports Office in the Board. , captain Salman Abd Rabbuh Hassan Lawi, members of the local and civil council in the Board, the distinguished journalist in Al-Mahfad District, brother Mahdi Al-Mahfadi, and many sports, social, and cultural figures in the Board. .

Then everyone had lunch. After lunch, conversations were exchanged between the veteran players of the Ahwar Sports Club and their brothers, officials, athletes, and young people of Al-Mahfad District, the strong brotherly relationship that connects the people of the same family, past and present, and ways to strengthen, develop, expand and consolidate those relations in all fields through the exchange of such visits between the two parties.

On the other hand, the officials, athletes and young people of Al-Mahfad District extended their sincere thanks to their fellow athletes of the Ahwar District for this brotherly visit.

And in the Al-Mahfad Sports Club stadium, which is green and covered with artificial turf.

Before the course of this beautiful brotherly meeting, the two teams listened to a speech addressed by the General Manager of Al-Mahfad District, Mr. Ahmed Abdullah Haidara, in which he extended his sincere thanks to the veterans and players of the Ahwar Sports Club . for this fraternal visit, which strengthens the relations between the two districts and the people of the same household.

The brotherly friendly match ended in a positive draw with two goals for each team
Both goals were scored by Ahwar club veterans, Captain Maestro Salem Mutran Dahmes
The two goals were scored by Al-Mahfad club veterans, the great captain Abdullah Ali Gharamah.
The goalkeeper of Ahwar club veterans, captain Adni Saeed Jahlan, also saved a penalty.

And at the end of the meeting
The management of Al-Mahfad Sports Club, represented by the president of the club, Mr. Khaled Abdullah Bahaqina, honored all the players and veterans of the Ahwar Sports Club with certificates of appreciation.

The players and veterans of the Ahwar Sports Club also extended an invitation to their fellow veterans of the Al-Mahfad Sports Club to visit the Ahwar District and hold a friendly match between the two clubs in the Ahwar District in the coming days.

In conclusion, we reiterate our thanks, appreciation and gratitude to the people of Al-Mahfad District, including officials, athletes, social and cultural figures, media professionals, and all the people of Al-Mahfad, great and small, each by name and capacity .
Thank you, Mahfed Al Karam
Thank you, Mahfed Al-Shamama
Thank you, much love
Thank you dear brothers
Thank you thank you thank you.

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