With the political movement to bring peace to Yemen.. Salah Battis calls on the eastern region to unite and cohere more than ever.

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The leader of the Islah Party, a member of the Shura Council, Salah Battis, called on the eastern region to be more cohesive and united than ever before to fulfill the rights achieved in the results of the National Dialogue Conference.

Pattis said in a post on the “X” platform: With this growing political movement regarding the Yemen file, I call on my people in the eastern governorates of Hadramaut, Al-Mahra, Shabwa and Socotra (the Eastern Province) to unite, cohesion, and join more than ever to the right achieved in the results of the comprehensive National Dialogue Conference. “.

Battis added, “And to be a complete, strong and large region that does not belong to any other region within a federal state on the foundations of partnership, justice, equality and good governance.”

He added, “And here are signs looming on the horizon of Riyadh of the National Council of Hadhramaut declaring its support for the brothers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is considered a fundamental pillar of justice and the rejection of subjugation and the taking away of sovereignty , equality, decision-making, and Hadrami consensus. This, from my point of view, is the key to the solution, not only for Hadhramout and the East, but also for Yemen in general, north and south.” Both east and west.”

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