Yemeni photographer Abdullah Othman wins the Merit Award at the World Circus in the Republic of China

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(Aden Al-Ghad) Specialty:

In a new photographic achievement for him, the Yemeni photographer Abdullah Othman was able to win the Merit Award of the Federation of Asian Photographers and (6) admissions to the International Circus held in the Republic of China.

Photographer Othman explained that the circus is held under the auspices of the American Photographic Society, the Malaysian Photographic Society, in addition to the Asian Association of Photographers, and is held in conjunction with the Changdu Photography Festival with the participation of an elite group of internationals. photographers

On the occasion, photographer Othman expressed his overwhelming happiness with this victory, which constitutes one of the milestones of Arab and international achievements that he achieves every year for Yemen. Showing that this achievement constitutes an incentive to win more international awards and represent Yemen honorably in such international forums.

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