Attacking the Security Council.. Tariq Saleh: The Council went too far by making a mistake that can only be forgiven by abolishing it

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(Aden Al-Ghad) Special.

A member of the Presidential Command Council, Brigadier General Tariq Saleh, attacked the Security Council after the sanctions it imposed on Yemen in the last session.

Tariq Saleh said in a fiery post on the “X” platform that the Security Council’s renewal of sanctions against the leaders of the General People’s Congress, led by the martyr leader Ali Abdullah Saleh and his son Ahmed, Vice President of the Conference, went as well. far in error, which can only be forgiven by undoing it.

Tariq Saleh added, “It is shameful that malicious decisions continue despite all the changes imposed by events.”

Tariq Saleh expressed his dissatisfaction with the resolution of the Security Council, which extended sanctions against the late president Ali Abdullah Saleh and his son Ahmed Ali, stressing that this went too far in the Yemeni problem.

Tariq believes that it is time to lift sanctions against the late President Saleh and his son Ahmed Ali, who is the Yemeni ambassador to the United Arab Emirates.

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