Cholera: its causes, symptoms and prevention methods Anis Alouh wrote

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Cholera is a bacterial disease that affects humans and spreads rapidly among human populations. Many people become infected with cholera from drinking contaminated water or eating contaminated food and fruits and vegetables that have not been properly washed.

Cholera symptoms begin with attacks of severe diarrhea ranging from ten to twenty times a day, accompanied by repeated attacks of vomiting, followed by headache, cramps in the extremities, loss of fluids, dryness in the tongue and throat, lethargy, thirst and incapacity. to urinate
To prevent cholera, a person can follow the following preventive methods to avoid contracting the disease:

__ Always wash your hands with soap and water, especially after relieving yourself and leaving the bathroom
__ Treat water sources, purify drinking water and store it in clean, tightly closed containers
—Sewage treatment
—- Wash vegetables and fruits well before eating them
—- Stay away from eating raw food and food from street vendors
__ Stay away from human gatherings where this disease spreads

Cholera can be cured if the patient immediately goes to the health facility in the event of suspected cholera symptoms, because 80 •\• of suspected cases can be treated in health facilities with an oral fluid rehydration solution that can be prepared at home by adding six. spoons of sugar and one spoon of… Add salt to a liter of pure water that the patient drinks every ten minutes to replace the fluids that the patient loses.

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