Flood| Written by Hussein Al-Sulaimani Al-Hanashi

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They say that young people from Palestine, from the city of Gaza, are being attacked by the Jews, with all their might, by the rulers of the whole world. They want to displace its people, so they destroyed hospitals, cut water and electricity, and burned its farms and fishing boats.
These young men owned a small boat, which most of them roamed the Gaza Sea, catching a few fish.
They distribute it among themselves…
Those young men used to work on the shores of their distressed sea….
They want nothing from the oppressive world but what their hands have planted in the soil of their land, the fruits of their homeland and the fish of their sea….
Their beautiful voices always sang of their stolen homeland, as they moved in their handmade boat, which raced with hope and optimism, as people dream. Behind this sea and behind the land, there was a great creation…
They were of their own kind, and were bound by ties of religion, language, and land…
These people stand, and others behind them, listening to their mesmerizing voices, and an intense love percolates between the young people of Gaza and those who stand behind the seas and oceans, but not all are able to escape the police dogs, which are extremely dangerous. to lives!
But whoever could miraculously survive it cannot survive the dogs near Gaza that were bred in the Black House!! She became more dangerous than her counterpart…
But the Gazans have long been used to these dogs!
No one can go to the other world…
And so everyone went his life.
They made axes, spears, knives and factories to help them survive.
They built their homes on the remains and blood of their martyrs!
Dogs near and far knew of the history of love between peoples far and near of these young men from Gaza, who amazed those near and far, by their steadfastness during lean years against the ugliest human being, who knows no covenants and covenants! And who taught the greater part of his population and army to be superior to others and not to tolerate and co-exist with any individual, young, old, young or even sick!
He took all this from the teachings of his ancestors (…) and to declare love to these young people is a crime, although they are well aware that these people and these young people love each other, but they are afraid of dogs. !
After a period of time, an event occurred (the flood) which claimed the lives of many of those fierce dogs!… So the dogs far and near grieved for the loss of some of them, and they were deeply saddened. how they have never been sad before!!!
Then those dogs got angry and came from all over to comfort their beloved pet…
But the dreams of the close and peace-loving peoples fell apart, so the world rose for them but did not materialize.
Help came to them for fear of the people. But the dogs separated them from the inside, except for “crumbs” and they misled their people when they wrote on those boxes the symbols of their countries…
Or on it were drawn the names of the aid, which neither enriches nor satiates the hungry.
The people of Gaza sat washing their dead, their clothes and tools from the sea water, which was no longer what it was…
Here I saw that the flood had caught the sun before it was about to set!!!

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