Gaza.. and the equation of survival with extinction..| Sultan Mishal wrote

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With its recent events, Gaza represented a unique human phenomenon and a strange global event in the impact of its events and the reactions to those facts.
Those events represented by the civil war that broke out between the Palestinian resistance in Gaza on the one hand and the racist Western colonialist colonialist project and its followers on the other, in which Gaza represented a legendary model that dealt with the global conscience and human feeling. in a unique way.
That speech was like a voice coming from heaven, addressing mankind with one tongue and clear words in the midst of noise and tumult filling the horizons, while mankind was immersed in ignorance, with their hearts downcast and their minds perverted, living in atmospheres of mirage , seasons of illusion, and states of false euphoria, which caused it to fall into a lost state and fail in Dens of inattention and dissolution in the mire of matter.
That heavenly voice was directed mostly to those with understanding and made human nature a common denominator among all those who are addressed.

He aimed at the global conscience with speech similar to the speech of the prophets sent down from heaven in similar circumstances and in a barren human atmosphere cut off from heaven.
That voice coming from heaven dispelled with its light the darkness of Arab and international calls demanding flexibility, openness and identification with (Netanyahu), and against renouncing the principles of religion and the valuable values ​​of Arabism, ignoring. that (the stinker) has been in office in the Israeli government circle for the past thirty years in the name of extremism and extremism, and that he and his right-wing self It was extremism that killed Arafat and Rabin, the owners of the “Peace of the Brave” – ​​despite its flaws and shortcomings – which made peace the only way to a solution and two states a realistic goal on earth, in which the geography of Gaza was connected to the West Bank and East Jerusalem became the capital. of the Palestinian state. So there was no practical end to this ruse, that’s how it was. The recent events in Gaza are what brought down the curtain and marked that end.
Rather, it revealed to the world that the Palestinian resistance is the unique model that has taken the right approach in dealing with “the stench”, its extremism, its motives and its drivers.
In addition, it (the Palestinian resistance) is the only and accurate examination laboratory that has provided an accurate diagnosis of the true starting points and underlying positions of various regimes, countries, movements, groups and personalities around the world.

It was necessary that the hidden truths should be revealed and the hidden situations should be revealed. Rather, the masks had to fall from the faces, the covers for the evil things had to be lifted, the curtains of deception had to dissolve, and Satan. camouflage must be removed and hidden.
Let the world discover that there is a difficulty that must be overcome, a darkness that must be undone, a villain that is not fit for man, and a despicable thing that is contrary to human nature.
To remove that smoke and remove the pollution and impurities that clung to humanity and caused humanity to fall prey to its trap.
Gaza had to sacrifice itself on the gallows of injustice and offer itself as a sacrifice on the crosses of loyalty and the spears of complicity, beginning with its children, its patients, and its sick, and ending with all those with souls, the materials of life, and the factors of survival as a whole, so that the heavenly voice, with its concepts, contents and dimensions, could clearly reach the uncircumcised hearts, the blind eyes and the deaf ears of all mankind. . .
Indeed, Gaza took the initiative, with unparalleled courage, to rise to its Lord with those in it as a valuable price and a noble sacrifice, in the manner of the example of the prophets and messengers, who prefer annihilation to survival, so that by this annihilation the consciences of their fellow men, including the murderers and oppressors, including the complicit public, and the herds of the deluded and wandering misguided, will live by that annihilation…

Finally, Gaza, we are sure that the (big) victory can only be achieved by the big ones and that it is impossible for the (small) ones.

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