He said he is ready.. Journalist: The agreement of principles can be announced for signature by the Yemeni parties within days

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(Aden Al-Ghad) Specialty:

Adeni journalist Abdul Rahman Anis spoke about the ongoing negotiations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia between the parties of the Yemeni conflict to reach a solution to bring peace after nine years of war.

Anis said in his post on the “X” platform that the draft agreement on the Declaration of Principles is almost ready, and the signature of the Yemeni parties can be announced in a few days, if there are no developments that hinder the matter, but I am sure, that this. an agreement will follow civil war, and I hope I am pessimistic and wrong.—According to my expectations.

He added: “The brothers in the Kingdom are racing against time to complete the initial confidence agreement, because they fear that the reports that speak of the intention of the US administration to classify the Houthis as a terrorist movement will be believed, and that the matters of the political settlement will be complicated.”

He continued: “A few weeks ago, the Houthis presented draft terms to the Saudis, the most prominent of which was that the agreement included maintaining Yemeni unity in its current form, which Major General Aidaroos Al-Zubaidi strongly rejected.”

He continued: “The Presidential Leadership Council, for its part, is conducting internal consultations for days to complete the Declaration of Principles and the final presidential position on the Saudi-Arab peace map, so that there is no justification for the militias to give up this opportunity. .”

Anis concluded by saying: “It is still too early to talk about peace, but any Saudi support, whether for wages in the north or for currency in the south, has been made conditional on the parties’ commitment to sign the confidence-building agreement , the duration of which is expected to be six months, subject to renewal, during which Saudi Arabia will pay six monthly salaries.” Months for employees in the north with additional support that can lead to stabilization of the exchange rate in the south.

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