It’s been a year since you left, father.| Written by Musa Al-Maliki

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Today is Friday, 11/11, the day of your departure, my father, may God have mercy on you, until the day they rise again. It is the same day and date, although the days change, but this time the same day comes, in which you physically left us, but your pure spirit still lives among us and rules something that they try to plant sesame seeds. Among us, and something that is because of your prestige, which was imposed on some while you were alive; Oh you, who darkened the world for us on this very day last year because of your departure from life and your transfer to the abode of decision-making, which is the afterlife and the paradise of eternity, and may God make you among the martyrs. , the truthful, and the just.

Today, sadness overwhelms us again, but you left today and haven’t left for a year, my father. May God’s mercy cover you in this world and the afterlife, and may you dwell in the highest paradise until the day they rise again ; How intense is the sorrow for us and for all your loved ones who considered you as their father because of your standing with everyone and also Your morality in dealing with them, and your name will be immortalized for generations, is that you were a teacher. , judge, elder and father, and you combined all the good qualities thanks to God Almighty who gave you this because he knows that you are a man of prudence and wisdom.

My dear father, we ask God, the Most High and Almighty, to make your grave a garden of paradise and to forgive you for all your mistakes and to let you into the paradise of happiness among the martyrs, the righteous, the righteous and the righteous . good companions of those. And here we remember all your advice that you spoke to us about during your life, and we sometimes ignored it and expressed no interest in it. Today, we are hurting and sad. However, we ignored that advice because we did not know that anything you directed to us was for our benefit until after you left us. We began to feel that we were wrong about it, and that however much we talked about you, we could not do you justice ; , Oh, whose tongues could not express you, the pens were dry of ink from talking about you, and the papers refused to write on them. About you, so their answer was that you do not need everything we want to say about you. you, because you are engraved in the hearts of some people. Oh God, lure my father into the Paradise of eternity and eternal happiness. You are capable of something, oh God, Amen.

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