Lahj.. For All Development Foundation concludes the second phase of the joint program to support livelihoods and food security

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Lahj (Aden of tomorrow) special.

Murad Jobah, Director General of Al-Mudaraba and Ras Al-Ara, in the presence of the management of the Foundation For All and Mr. Muhammad Al-Dabwani, the Program Director in the Directorate of Al-Mudaraba, concluded the second phase of the program to support livelihoods, food security and climate adaptation in Yemen (Rural Resilience 3).

The program is considered as an entrepreneurial training activity for 400 beneficiaries, male and female, which lasted 12 days.

The training included the ILO curriculum (I own a small project for the uneducated group and my first project curriculum for the educated group)

This training aims to raise the beneficiaries’ skills in life skills, labor market skills, and thinking about successful entrepreneurial projects that will benefit the beneficiary and the surrounding community.

This stage is followed by the granting of financial grants to finance 250 young men and women who have realistic studies for realistic and successful projects, which are identified by trainers and consultants specialized in the field of business.

The leadership of the local authority in the board of directors, represented by the Director General of the Directorate, praised the interaction of the participants for the success of the course through discipline in the course program.

How the leadership of the local authority in the district praised the efforts of the United Nations Development Program, the supporters and the Fund for All, its intervention in the district and its implementation of sustainable projects, explaining that the local authority in the district will facilitate the work and activities of international and local organizations in a way that serves the development process.

For his part, the project director of the Foundation for All for Development praised the cooperation and facilitation made by the local authority in the board of directors, represented by the Director General of the Director, to the activities and programs of the Foundation for All, which made it possible for the foundation to implement their activities and programs.

The project is implemented with the support of the European Union and the Swedish government, in partnership with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), implemented by the For All Fund for Development.

The Foundation has successfully implemented the first phase of the project, the cash-for-work activity, the implementation of community initiatives in Al-Ara and Al-Khor markets with solar energy, and some community initiatives in some targeted centers. The second phase of the project implemented the entrepreneurship program. The conclusion of the program was attended by Murad Jobah, Director General of the Directorate, and Ali Al-Nimr, a member. The local council in the governorate, Muhammad Al-Dabwani, the project manager, the For All Development Foundation, and Fadl Ahmed Saleh, the coordinator of the foundation in the district

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