Minister of Industry and Commerce Mohammed Al-Ashwal views the Yemeni pavilion at the Global Village in Dubai

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Specialty – Aden Al-Ghad

Today, the Minister of Industry and Commerce, Muhammad Al-Ashwal, reviewed the Yemeni pavilion in the Global Village in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, the conditions of investors, the exhibits, local products, and the diverse Yemeni heritage.

During the visit, which is taking place on the side of his participation in the Dubai Airshow, Minister Al-Ashwal toured the sections of the Yemeni pavilion…getting acquainted with the Yemeni products and the proposals it presents, including honey, which is exhibited in its best kinds and amounts to 40 kinds, besides coffee and 200 kinds of various spices and seasonings. , accessories, ornaments and jewelry decorated with precious stones, agate and antique silver, Yemeni daggers and authentic Yemeni folklore performances performed by the popular Yemeni band, embodying artistic paintings of heritage that are presented to millions of visitors to the Global Village every year.

Al-Ashwal praised the distinguished international and tourism building, which includes the products of many participating countries under one roof, and the prominent position enjoyed by the Yemeni pavilion among the participating pavilions in the Global Village with its various displays of national products and authentic Yemenis . a heritage that proudly highlights the name of Yemen standing tall in the exhibitions. Both Arab and international events.

Al-Ashwal also praised the efforts of the brotherly United Arab Emirates to provide all facilities to Yemeni investors and businessmen, stressing the zeal to improve trade exchange between the two brotherly countries.

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