Our Yemeni national team needs to be dismantled…and adjusted again…| Written by Qasim Al-Musbahi

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We all followed and watched the match yesterday that brought together our Yemeni team with their Bahraini counterpart on the floor of the Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Stadium in Damak Club in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where our team appeared in the worst condition, and did not to provide anything significant, neither a beautiful performance nor technical touches, until it could not continue with the Bahrain team in the two halves of the match. .

Our team entered the field as if it did not want to win. We saw it in the position of a weak defender, no pressure on the ball carrier, no speed in ball exercises, and no play in previously arranged tactical phrases of the coach, who also appeared without solutions to get the team out of confusion on the field. .

The brother Bahrain team could have added many goals, but it played with complete comfort. It played and controlled half of the field and at every moment of the match. It took advantage of the confusion in the defense of our team and was able to score. two clean goals.

There are no arguments for those who defend our national team. Their first argument is that the team is not cohesive and there are shortcomings, and this is what everyone agrees on, but there is no justification for the team to play without form, style or. ideas about the field of Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Stadium. Does it justify the presence of players in the ranks? The national team plays in Arab clubs, including those that play in the Sultanate of Oman, Bahrain and Iraq. However, the players on the field repeat the same mistakes in the two halves of the match without any solutions from the coach and treatment for those mistakes.
Is the coach of the national team so bad that he can’t come up with any defensive or offensive ideas on the field, and that’s what we saw in the match against Bahrain?
The external participation of our Yemeni teams in all age groups, juniors, youth and seniors, proved that the local coach is better than the foreign coach, and the evidence is what was achieved by coaches Amin Al-Sunaini, Qais Muhammad Saleh , To. -Baadani and others.
Therefore, the national team must be reformed and readjusted again to play with improvisation, provide performance and results, and play with new plans, tactics and style to win and achieve a result.

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