Ramoz Foundation and the I Can Peacebuilding Initiative visit the Deaf Association in Abyan

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(Aden of Tomorrow) Naila Hashem:

With the support of the Supreme Coordination Council of Civil Society Organizations, led by Dr. Najwa Fadl, the Ramoz Foundation, together with the I Can Initiative to build peace for the deaf, visited the Deaf Association in Abyan Governorate, which was introductory a visit and exchange of knowledge and experiences, and passed by the Al-Amal School for Deaf Children.

During the visit, which reviewed the skills and abilities of deaf youth in Aden and Abyan, the President of the Abyan Deaf Association, Mr. Muhammad Abdullah Muhammad, made his speech in which he welcomed the members of the Ramoz Foundation and the I Can Initiative. and expressed how happy he was about that visit, which aims to create partnerships and networking between the young people of Aden and Abyan through visits. Fruitful.

He praised the role of youth in the progress and development of society economically, socially and culturally, hoping that this meeting will be the basic building block for those partnerships, wishing the youth success in their lives.

For his part, the general secretary of the Association, Mr. Sameh Saleh Hassan, expressed the importance of such visits, because they create a kind of harmony between young people and an exchange of experiences, because they are the cornerstone of social development and are the real wealth for build and develop society.

Mrs. Iman Omar, Executive Director of the Ramoz Foundation, stated that this visit is part of the activities of the Ramoz Foundation, and expresses the importance of humanitarian work, creating a spirit of brotherhood among our deaf children, and opening horizons for future partnerships. and activities that will be implemented in the near future.

She added that young people are the backbone of the future, so we must pay attention to them and give them help to build and develop the society. She in turn thanked the President of the Abyan Deaf Association, Mr. Muhammad Abdullah. Mohamed, for the warm reception by the administration, teachers, and members of the Association, as well as the students.

It was a meeting full of many activities presented by the students of the Al Amal School for the Deaf, through which they presented positive messages from the young people about the importance of education and the need to connect readers and writing through sign language. A deaf student also presented poetry in sign language in which he welcomed the youth of Aden.

In conclusion, they visited the classrooms and learned about the educational process at the school.

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