Seiyun Radio and Zajel Foundation implement a course on artificial intelligence and the use of its techniques in journalism and media

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Sayun (Aden of tomorrow) special.

Sayun Radio, in coordination with Zajil Foundation for Media and Development, implemented a specific course on “Artificial Intelligence and the Use of Its Technologies in Journalism and Media” as part of Sayun Radio’s Golden Jubilee celebrations, with the participation of thirty men and female journalists in the city of Sayun.

The participants received from trainer Sami Barfid some concepts related to artificial intelligence in developing and improving journalistic and media performance, tools to identify fake news, and applications that facilitate the process of creating news and transcribing texts, in addition to practical applications through the mobile phone usage.

This course comes in its first phase where some courses will be implemented in the field of artificial intelligence and its role in journalism and media within the plan of the Zajil Foundation for Media and Development during the new year 2024 AD

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