The Abyan Health Office responds to what was reported about the closure of Al-Wadee Hospital

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The Director General of the Office of Public Health and Population in Abyan Governorate, Dr. Saleh Al-Tharm, confirmed that Al-Wadee Hospital was not closed, but occupied by the dismissed hospital director, Abdul Qader and his brothers, because they rejected. the change decision that was issued to appoint a substitute director based on a proposal by the magistrate in Al-Wadee District in agreement with the magistrate. In the governorate, Balakh is represented by the Governor of the Governorate, Major General Abu Bakr Hussein Salem, to change the health administration in Al-Wadie District in general.

Dr. Al-Thuram said that trying to correct and strengthen the health situation in Al-Wadee’a District is not considered a conspiracy against Al-Wadee’a and its people, noting that many directors have been changed in most of the districts of the county. , and all those who were changed immediately passed on to their successors without any significant objection except for the director of Al-Wadee’ Hospital.

Al-Thuram repeated his claim that Al-Wadie Hospital was not closed, but rather it was occupied by the fired director and his brothers because they rejected the decision to change, explaining that the hospital was basically considered semi-closed for years because no services. were provided in it. They visited the hospital twice and found only one person, and they found a ruined hospital. There are no more specialists there, because the director of the fired Al-Wadee Hospital persecuted the workers and took sums of money from them, deducting them from the employees. He also harassed the midwifery workers and kicked them out of it. He handed them over to the health office, and even started selling diesel, selling medical equipment and ultrasound devices, and selling an operating room and a tooth. clinic He sells insulin injections, and he also sold his previous ambulance, in addition to hiding the new ambulance in his house, and he hit organizations for his exploitation of it, and put his brothers in the hospital while they did not. belongs to the health sector. In addition, he receives the operating budget of the hospital and disposes of it for himself, and the local body in the board of directors is aware of this. Completely. 9 proposals were made to change it during 2022-2023, and he was given opportunities to make any reforms, but to no avail.

And he added. Having said that, I completely understand the feelings of frustration and resentment that some people may feel when they don’t like the decision to change corrupt officials, after they sought change. This is a conflicting feeling that can cause disappointment to bring about positive change. It would be better for the press to hear from the other side before rushing to judgment without knowing the truth. He hoped that the pens would be willing to support the Health. Office to remove the intruders from the health buildings, the occupiers who interrupt the interests of the citizens by depriving them of access to care. Primary health services, instead of advocating for different convincing agendas, they do not know their bad reality.

Published by the Public Health and Population Office – Abyan Governorate

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