The dialogue in the Saudi capital does not bode well Written by Hassan Al-Ajili

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We hope that this expectation will not come true and that this pessimism will not appear among us regarding the discussions and dialogues taking place in the Saudi capital and the debates published by some websites related to the political components that we attend this meeting is good. and true, but what concerns the citizen in the south is the news circulating in the southern arena. The most important of which are the disputes and statements about the southern issue and the Transitional Council, which reflect the hopes, aspirations and ambitions of the southern people , who sacrificed their most valuable assets to reach the southern state and establish a system and law that raise the level of activity and turn the wheel of development forward, so that future generations can be happy in construction, development and construction projects. a building that guarantees all the rights and duties of all people, guarantees an honorable and clean life and provides security and stability throughout the southern country. Today what we hear and see makes us think carefully that what is coming is the most bad , because the preparation for it in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, is something that cannot be taken lightly.

In this regard, we have many experiences from the past and what happened after the invasion of the Afash forces and the Houthi militias in the south and the intervention of the Saudi-Emirati coalition and alongside them some mercenaries from Sudan. In general, we in the south look forward to all the dialogues being in the interest of all and work for the security and stability of the region on the island. Both the Gulf and Yemen, and from this junction, the foundations of peace and sustainable development projects can be established , and each people acquires its resources, invests its wealth and builds its state, in accordance with its traditions and customs. Regarding what some sources indicate about contradictions from behind the scenes of discussions and dialogues, and giving to some parties hostile to the South benefits from the wealth of the South, that is unacceptable. In form and content, this is the position of the South and its people, and it will remain so until all its demands are met and it controls territory and announces the establishment of its young democratic state .All the hostile plans practiced against the South will not be victorious, God willing, and the truth will prevail and the flag of the South will be raised high inside and outside the South. We ask God for success regarding the cause of the South and its people. Even if it is. What appears on the horizon of Riyadh 3 does not bode well.

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