The General Director of Al-Musaimeer delivers to the contractor the work to complete the paving of the main street in the capital of the board.

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Lahj (Aden of Tomorrow) special

Within the implementation of the plans and projects of the central program of the local authority in Al-Musaimeer District, yesterday morning, Sheikh Hamim Muhammad Saeed Al-Hushbi, Director General of Al-Musaimeer District and President of the Local Council, handed over the contractor who was awarded the process of completing the paving of the main street in the capital of the Al-Musaimeer District. Which enters into the program plans of the Directorate for the year. 2023 and financed by the government. This project is considered one of the important projects that give the city an aesthetic appearance and a bright, clean shine. It also helps in the process of rainwater flowing easily and smoothly away from its stagnation and accumulation in the alleys and sides of the main street .

In the handover process, Sheikh Hamim Al-Hushbi, General Director of Al-Musaimeer District and Head of the Local Council, confirmed that we, in the leadership of the Directorate, pointed out the infrastructure of the Director our focus in all areas. of road paving, water services, electricity, sewage and health services, because they represent a direct link to the daily life of the citizen in the Directorate, with permission. God, the projects will flow according to their time plans in all fields, and we call on all local and international organizations to contribute in this vital field, because the Directorate Al-Musaimeer suffers from a shortage of skills and a shortage of central projects in these important sectors.

The handover was attended by some members of the executive office of the board of directors

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