The government and the donkey story Written by Anwar Al-Hilali

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In the financial and administrative history of mankind from the Stone Age to today, no government has ever commissioned private commercial banks to monitor the flow of salaries of their employees, and identify duplicate and fictitious ones, but our government has done so, with the story of the donkey in mind

I freely admit that our government is clever and wicked. It transferred the salary to commercial banks and made the employee wait for the salary to arrive with anticipation and fear. Then it delayed the salary of the first month by three days, the second month per week , and delayed the month of October by ten days. Exactly the same story as the donkey.

The officials completely forgot the annual bonuses, the cost of living allowance, the compromises and their differences, and all their lost rights, which the government promised to pay them last January. Thus, the theory of the donkey story was very cunningly applied . in its entirety and it succeeded.

Governance, transparency and good governance. If you hear these words repeated by an organization, institution or ministry, you immediately know that behind them is a big lie, after which a bigger disaster will come, falling on the head of the official, Abu Riyal, who is often a Yemeni, and against his will, he will fall into the trap of the donkey story.

If there were sincere intentions to fight corruption, the government would have commissioned the Ministries of Service and Finance, together with the Anti-Corruption Commission and the Central Agency, to go out into the field and match the salary statements with reality, one month and the matter would have been over, but the matter is not delusional and duplicitous. Rather, it is the story of the donkey.

A man complained to the ruler about the narrowness of his house, so he brought a sheep, a cow and a donkey. His complaints increased, so he took out the sheep and the man was relieved. Then he took out the cow and was calmer, and finally he took out the donkey. The man thanked the governor and praised him, so his condition is better now. That is the story of the donkey in short.

The official and the non-employee are attracted to be satisfied with less and less, to surrender to injustice and not deny it, not to demand their rights, but rather to praise and thank the ruler, so that the relationship of the employee with the government becomes. something akin to forced labor and voluntary slavery using the donkey story theory.

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