The governor inspects the Facilities Protection Belt camp in Aden

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Yesterday, Thursday, Brigadier General Mohsen Abdullah Al-Wali, Commander-in-Chief of the Security Zone Forces, inspected the work flow and security activity in the administrations of the Facilities Protection Zone camp in the capital, Aden.

Brigadier General Wali discussed with the Commander of the Facility Protection Zone, Brigadier Ahmed bin Afif, in the presence of the General Staff, the efforts of the forces in protecting service and essential facilities in the capital, Aden, and the level of discipline and readiness . between individuals, as well as the concerns and obstacles they face in carrying out their security work, and finding appropriate solutions according to the available capabilities.

The governor emphasized the need to raise the level of activity in protecting facilities and facilitating community service, noting that the Protection Zone is the face of the citizen’s security zone and that it should best represent us and bear national responsibility in the light of these extremely sensitive. situations in the history of our southern people.

During the visit, the Commander-in-Chief of the Security Zone was informed about the training activities of a new batch of freshmen for the Installation Protection Zone in riot control, praising the level of activity of the new recruits, and the interest of the trainers in producing a highly trained strength despite the lack of skills.

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