The leadership of the Abyan axis units, led by Brigadier General Al-Rahwa, issues a decision to prohibit taxes at their points.

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Abyan (Aden of Tomorrow) by Ali Muqrat

The Abyan Operation Axis Command, led by Brigadier General Sanad Al-Rahwa, Commander of the Axis and Commander of the First Brigade, directed presidential protection to prevent taking or receiving taxes from transport trucks in the Abyan line.

Brigade Commander General Sanad Al-Rahwa said that all brigade commanders and military units subject to the axis have been directed to prevent taking one riyal from drivers of locomotives and transport trucks passing through the general line in the governorate, and measures will be taken against anyone. officer or soldier who violates military laws.

Noting: Although most of the axis units participate in the battle fronts against the Houthi coup militias, as well as the fight against Al-Qaeda, we reject these taxes from their foundations, which have burdened the citizens with the high prices, no. only in Abyan but in most counties, and we stand with the citizens in word and deed, who came out to protest against this phenomenon and they demand the removal of illegal collection points and mandatory scales.
He called on the leadership in the Presidential Council, the government and stakeholders to take strict decisions to prohibit tax points and scales that are outside the law and order, after some people tried to legitimize them, unaware of their damage and impact on the people. livelihood in the light of this tragic economic situation that the country is going through.

It is worth mentioning that the commander of the Abyan axis, Brigadier General Sanad Al-Rahwa, was the first to make a statement published in the media over the past two days, calling for raising collection points. He was the first military leader to respond. to the complaints and protests of the citizens of Abyan Governorate, and everyone considered him a brave attitude that won widespread praise.

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