The making of Al-Shifa Hospital Written by Sha’i bin Wabar

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The Israeli military spokesman appeared to us with fabricated statements, sometimes saying that we found a tunnel opening inside the Naval complex and a car bomb, and other times by the presence of weapons and military property of the resistance.
He also increased his fabrication by saying that we found the body of a hostage in a building near the Shifa compound in Gaza, in fabrications of Hollywood movie scenarios, blessings that neither reason nor logic accepts.

Ugly blessings, with audio and video of the weapons of the resistance and its slogan, in an attempt to deceive public opinion and justify the bombing of hospitals and the killing of sick and innocent Palestinians.
While the American foreign policy blow came to us with a more malicious statement, saying that our assessment is that the Palestinian resistance is using some hospitals as command centers and we refuse to target hospitals by air, in an attempt to convince public opinion of the story of actually militarizing hospitals , and that it is against the bombing of hospitals, while it was the one that supported this bombing.

These fabrications and lies will not be deceived by public opinion, because the ugliness of your crimes, your killing of children, women and the elderly, and your putrid smell, has reeked and polluted the air of the whole world.

So bless whenever, however and wherever you want! No man will believe your blessings and lies. It is illogical for the resistance to abandon a weapon it absolutely needs, you pigs of the age.
Finally, O God, support our brothers in Gaza and be kind to its people, and to you the pig Israel, the blower of America, and the monkeys of the European countries who support it.
And long as you in God’s care

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