The schools of the late Najeeb Al-Salami hold a ceremony in honor of the top students in the secondary school exams

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On Thursday morning, the schools of the late Najib Al-Salami held a ceremony in honor of the best finishers in the high school exams at the county level for the year 2022/2023 AD, in the presence of Prof. Dr. Adel Abdul Majeed Al-Abadi, Vice President of the University of Aden for Academic Affairs, and Dr. Nawal Jawad Salem, Director General of the Office of Education, Eng. Aden, A. Mounir Hassan, deputy director of Eng. Khormaksar, A. Saleh Mansour, Director of the Office of Education, Eng. Khormaksar. a. Fasl Al-Salami, Director General of Leadership, Ministry of Education, M. Aden, A. Iqbal Ibrahim, Head of the Leadership Team, Eng. Khormaksar, A. Yasser Saleh Al-Mhanqi, Head of the Strategic Studies Unit, President of the Parent Council, Girls Branch, and a group of virtuous fathers and virtuous mothers.

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