Three wins and two draws in the opening matches of the Hadhramaut Youth Cup

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On the afternoon of Thursday November 16, 2023 AD, the qualifiers for Wadi Hadhramaut club group matches began on Thursday afternoon, November 16, 2023 AD, in the Hadhramaut Cup Championship for youth born in 2005 AD, organized by the main committee of the Hadhramaut Cup, under the auspices of the Governor of Hadhramaut Governorate, Mr. Mabkhout Mubarak bin Madi, and Al-Amqi & Brothers Exchange Company, the media sponsor. For the tournament, under the supervision of the Office of the Ministry of Youth and Sport, with the participation of twenty teams from Hadhramout Al-Wadi clubs, they were distributed into five groups.

The results of the opening matches for the five groups were as follows: In the first group, which included the clubs (Shabab Al-Qattan, Ripon, Al-Shouala, and Al-Hajrain), the two teams (Al-Shouala x Al). -Hajrain) met in the opening match on the ground of Al-Hajrain Stadium, and the result resulted in Al-Shouala winning by three goals to Goal.

In the second group, which includes the clubs (Al-Salam, Shibam, Al-Ettifaq, and Al-Taawoun), the result of the opening match of the group matches that were held in Shibam Stadium, and brought together (Shibam x Al-Ettifaq ), resulted in a positive draw with one goal apiece.

As for the third group, which includes the clubs (Sayun, Al-Ittihad in Sayun, Al-Ahrar, and Maddawa), the result of the opening match that brought together (Sayun x Maddawa) resulted in…

The floor of the Olympic Stadium in Seiyun, where Seiyun wins by three goals to no avail. During the result of the opening match of the fourth group, which includes the clubs (Al-Rayyan, Al-Barq, Al-Ahqaf, Shabab Ainat), which brought together (Al-Barq x Shabab Ainaat), on the field of Al – Barq Club Stadium in Trim, resulted in a positive draw between the two teams with a goal for each.

In the group that includes the clubs (Al-Wahda, Al-Hilal, Al-Qadisiyah, and Shabab Al-Lasak), the result of the opening match, which brought together (Al-Wahda x Al-Hilal) and was held at Al- Ghana Stadium in Tarim, resulted in Al-Wahda winning by two goals to no return //.

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