Visual artist Mahdi Abdullah is a story of creativity and excellence in the skies of Abyan.| Written by Nasser Al-Jariri

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Here we are today with one of the eminent creative talents in the world of fine arts who is disappearing today.
A talent that handcrafted expressive plastic creations that embodied the traditional and folkloric reality of Abyan Governorate.

He is the son of Abyan, the plastic artist Mahdi Abdullah Hussein, from the city of Batis, Khanfar District, Abyan Governorate. This distinguished and unique young man created with his own hands various sculpted and three-dimensional works and plastic arts that imitate the heritage of Abyan Governorate. , which has disappeared and almost disappeared in our present time.
This artist created many plastic works of art made of either clay or straw and wood, despite his lack of plastic art skills and resources and the difficult financial circumstances that prevented creativity and the availability of more and more such works and plastic arts of the creative artist Mahdi Abdullah .

This was confirmed by the artist Mahdi Abdullah in his speech about his inability to highlight his artistic and plastic skills due to his lack of financial skills, because he relied in all his previous and current plastic art works on clay, wood and straw instead of. the sculpting tools designed for this aspect.
He also pointed out that in addition to the plastic art that he presents, he also excelled in the aspect of making and making gardens for parks by forming trees in them or even making some models of trees and flowers from some recycled plastic waste and others, which gave to those parks their beautiful spleen and their wonderful and attractive view that attracts and mystifies the heart of the visitor. He sees the peak of the creativity and mastery of those gardens and breathing spaces.
Regarding his participations, the distinguished artist participated in several local participations at the level of Adena and Lahj governorates in the field of fine arts. He also has fingerprints at the Indah Foundation in Khanfar, during which he made a special garden for the institution, which was praised by the head of the Indah Foundation, Mrs. Hoda Al-Yafei, for the magnificence of this creativity and also has fingerprints. Another garden in the Kadma area of ​​Al-Sayyid Qasim in the Khanfar District, during which he created a beautiful and distinguished garden, which was highlighted by Al-Saeeda Channel, the Million Channel, and other channels.

Regarding the promises and support for him, the visual artist Mahdi Abdullah Hussein praised the role of the Secretary General of the Local Council of Abyan Governorate, Mr. Mahdi Al-Hamid, that beautiful and wonderful person who appreciates and appreciates these works and their aesthetic value. He also appreciates the talented and creative people, and the fact that a person like Al-Hamid is pride for this county and pride for all talented and creative people. Those who are neglected and forgotten in this time, and whom I personally contacted, and he expressed his readiness and participation in the opening of the art exhibition in the near future, in coordination with the Cultural Office in the county.
The artist, Mahdi Abdullah, appealed to the relevant authorities in Abyan Governorate and the local authority in the county to support him and help him in this aspect as much as possible and help him as a creator in establishing a special exhibition for plastic arts representing. Abyan Governorate, through which we will highlight the ancient Abyssinian heritage and folklore at home and abroad.

We hope that our call will reach those who care about the cause and who care about the creative and talented people in various aspects of the people of this good county, and that we will take their hand and push them to provide more and more to serve . their community and their county.

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