We will not lose our morals and principles if we lose law and order Written by Nasser Boubacar

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Morals and principles will not change because of circumstances, but our morals and principles will remain firm no matter how exposed we are to the current crises of war in the country.

Among these common phenomena are sabotage and destruction of essential facilities that provide services in electricity and communication, and the theft of cables. In this inhuman act, the hands stained by corruption affect the interests of services for the general public of all segments of the society, and these are actions alien to our society due to the absence and weakness of the state.

Behind it is nothing but shame for whoever did it. The interests of everyone to communicate and communicate with the rest of the cities depend on it.

Cut the continuous electric network cables and steal copper wires from time to time, without considering the suffering of people due to power cuts.

The sector and road closures are repeated from time to time along the public roads between the counties in the so-called (sector) under the pretext of demands for the state to fulfill the release of a prisoner or the release of a prisoner’s salary. locomotives remain imprisoned on the roads, creating a bottleneck for vehicles and wagons that do not have a camel. There is no solution in her hand, except to wait on the edge of the road, until help comes or release from someone who has an interest in the demands.

These phenomena have spread widely nowadays and have been repeated throughout the counties. Instead of finding solutions to reduce and combat them, the security authorities rush to meet the demands and usually solve them instead of legally solving them due to the lack of security. .
Theft of all kinds increased in a strange and unnatural way, and the theft of electrical wires from shops, homes, circuits and solar panels from the top of houses increased.

Robbery of public facilities that the previous regime maintained – schools, hospitals, public places and roads – are sold at ridiculous prices without responsibility or supervision of the authorities in the counties in general, requiring prior possession of 00.000!!
Our hope is that social figures will intervene in the absence of the state and its institutions and preserve them, and that we will not leave the blame for the current circumstances on chaotic practices, but the principles on which we grew up and previous generations were raised. does not change, regardless of the factors.
We must not lose our morals
No matter how much we lose in our country, there are many cowardly laws for these thoughtless actions in the absence of state prestige.

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