A military expert warns of a US plan targeting the legitimate government

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(Aden Al-Ghad) Specialty:

The strategic military expert, Brigadier General Muhammad Abdullah Al-Kumaim, warned of a US plan to push the legitimate government to announce surrender and recognize the Iran-linked Houthi militias.

Brigadier General Al-Kumaim reiterated that the militias are a threat to the international shipping line, to global maritime security and to the global trade route, through which 12% of the volume of global trade passes in the Red Sea and through the global corridor. , the Bab al-Mandab Strait.

Al-Kumaim said that Al-Houthi “is Iran’s policeman in the region and that it (Iran) can use him to damage the trade line whenever it wants to stifle global trade and cause a global crisis that constitutes a continuous and permanent danger to . all the countries that benefit from this corridor.”

Al-Kumaim reiterated in his post that “stopping the fight to liberate the port of Hodeida and what remains of the coast on the Red Sea is the biggest strategic mistake, and allows the continued flow of Iranian weapons into the country to kill the Yemenis and harm the Yemeni neighborhood and the global corridor.”

He added: “But we also did not realize that the American-Israeli support for Al-Houthirani was with such strength, although it was apparent to us from the beginning, and that everything that happened to prevent the liberation of Sanaa and the port. of Hodeidah and the cessation of the fighting was part of a dangerous and malicious plan for the benefit of those cursed militias.” As he says.

Al-Kumaim added, saying: “Today the United States is putting strong pressure on Yemeni legitimacy, to make concessions and recognize the Houthis as a done deal in Yemen, to end the war and declare recognition of the inability to achieve a military solution.”

He concluded by saying: “I believe that things are becoming more and more clear every day that we are facing a major conspiracy. Unless we pay attention and work away from America to restore our homeland, otherwise, by God, we will be among the losers. . “

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