A people who have no choice but to give the corrupt another chance to lead the country Written by Ahmed Al-Sayed Aidaroos

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There are no options but to wait for divine solutions. All political solutions are a lie recycled with a new cover. The situation of the country cannot improve, because we legitimize external abuse of the arguments of regional partnership in one destiny. So far, no citizen in the Gulf or the region has been burned by the fire of war that their countries fueled under the pretext of Partnership in one destiny.

The scenes of war in Yemen have become familiar to citizens in the Gulf and the region. They are similar to their counterparts in Iraq, Syria, Palestine and other hotbeds of armed conflicts. What single fate are the leaders talking about?

Those who burn in this fire are the enemy brothers in the North and the South, and no one else.

We are on the verge of the imminent collapse of the state, and this responsibility is borne mainly by the delicate colonial states of the region, the local leaders mortgaged abroad, and the powerless people at home… But we, as a people and a leadership, must to preserve the remains of the state, because stabbing the dead is forbidden, so what about when the dead is a state? It is decades old and is a lifeless corpse that has rotted and decomposed from democratic norms and values.

We must preserve the state, even if only a politician remains under house arrest.

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