After defeating its host Nasr Darsaad with a clean 4-0, Al-Wahda team leads the Aden Premier League.

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The Al-Wahda team took the lead after winning 4-0 over their host Al-Nasr team in the match that brought them together this Friday afternoon at the team’s stadium in Dar Saad, as part of the sixth round competitions for the first stage of the Aden Premier League (2) football championship, which is organized by the Al-Ittihad branch in Aden under the patronage of the Minister of State. And the Governor of the Capital Governorate, Aden, Mr. Ahmed Hamid Lamlas, and the Youth and Sports Department of the Southern Transitional Council, with the support of the Al-Busiri Microfinance Bank, under the supervision of the Youth and Sports Office in the capital, Aden.

The first half, Al-Wahda team started with strong pressure to score the main goal. After a clear field control and after missing many chances, the Al-Wahda midfielder, Captain (Ahmed Rady), was able to score the goal to advance. his team in the 24th minute. After the goal, the players of Al-Wahda pressed more and could, but they succeeded. In this, Al-Wahda returns to strengthening the score, Al-Wahda is near the top, Al-Tilal. falters, and wins directly by four over Al-Nasr in the Aden Premier League.

The first half, Al-Wahda players started with strong pressure on the goal of Al-Nasr team, and they were able, through Al-Wahda midfielder Captain (Ahmed Rady), to score the first goal in the 24th minute. After that, Al- Wahda players strengthened their control over the midfield and intensified their attacks to secure the result, and they managed to do so by scoring the second goal in the minute.30 from the player (Tamer Sinan), after which Al-Wahda -players continued to dominate. the course of the match and was able to add a third goal through their shining star (Aqeel Al-Attas) in the 42nd minute, ending the half with a clean score.
The second half seemed to be in complete control for the Al-Wahda team, with timid attacks from the Al-Nasr team that were of no use. In the 14th minute, the genius (Aqeel Al-Attas) was able to score the team. fourth and second goals. After that, the two teams exchanged attacks without any significant result, so that the match ended with a clean 4-pointer, and with this victory, the team was lifted. Al-Wahda team has 14 points in the lead . on goal difference over its traditional rival, Al-Tilal, and Al-Nasr’s score is frozen at 6 points.

The match was managed by a refereeing team consisting of:
Hussein Bahazim (referee)
Miqdad Ali Nasser (First Assistant)
Abdullah Al-Azani (second assistant)
Muhammad Ali Abdullah (fourth umpire)
Captain Abdul Karim Al Sharjabi (match observer)
Abdullah Al-Azab is a supervisor for the referees.

Al-Wahda team player Alaa Mohamed Amouri won the best player award in the match and received it from the hand of captain Abdul Karim Al-Sharjabi, the former Al-Tilal star.
Provided by Al-Busiri Microfinance Bank
The match was attended by Captain Wijdan Shazly, Director General of the Youth and Sports Office, Aden, and the management of Al-Wahda Club, represented by the Director of Activities at the Stadium Club (Fattah Al-Zaeem).
The match was broadcast on the Aden Independent channel, with the voice of the wonderful commentator (Adeeb Al-Zuhri).
The match was attended by a large crowd that filled the stadium stands.

*By Saeed Naji Omar

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