An environmental and health disaster threatens the residents of a residential building in Aden

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Aden (Aden of Tomorrow) Khaldoun Khaled:

Residents of a residential building in the temporary capital, Aden, witnessed a state of extreme tension and anxiety due to an environmental and health disaster since last year, on the fourth day of the holy month of Ramadan at that time, after the overflow of sewage water, which abundantly was present in the jellyfish, then came out of the building, rose to the first floor, and came out of the bathrooms of the living quarters, which It made it look like a disastrous building, because of a building in one. of the sewers behind the building, which caused an error in the process of blocking the hole from which the sewage of the building exited into the back sewer, and the contractor of the organization in charge of the work completed his delicate work and left to complete his bad work in the other sewers towards the health complex in the city of Al-Mualla.

The residents then went to the contractor of the organization to inform him of the mistake he caused and to inform the former sanitation director, Dhaheer, about the problem, because he was the sanitation director in the Al-Mualla District, but to no avail. all were just false promises, because they deprived the residents of the “Goodwood” building of drinking water and drowned them with sewage.

The residents of the houses located in that building launched a distress call to the local authority, represented by His Excellency the Minister of State and Ruler of the capital, Aden, Mr. Ahmed Hamid Lamlas, after their drinking water was cut off due to several malfunctions of their dynamos , and they were unable to repair them several times when they were stuck with air because the lake was filled with jelly.

Regarding the densely accumulated sewage, the residents of the building said that it has become a lake of sewage, which has caused the spread of mosquitoes and various kinds of diseases, in addition to the current epidemic of cholera, which portends health. and environmental disaster in the distressed building, as described.

This is under the full view of the magistrate in the Al-Mualla District, and their knowledge with good precision of what is happening in the building and their requirements for them, which requires immediate treatment of the mistake they caused in the back sewer hole , and not dealing with a delicate patchwork by merging the sewers of the Goodwood Building with the neighboring Abdel-Wali Building and combining them with one sewer. This issue is completely imposed. Their concern is to create a problem and not to solve the basic problem in the right way , because sewage water has not clogged and overflowed in our building all our lives since Britain.

The residents of the Goodwood Building, located in the middle of Madram Street in Al-Mualla, have not seen any solutions or treatment from them since last year, on the 4th of Ramadan, until this moment. Their only concern is to collect financial revenue, whether in an official or unofficial way, regardless of the interest of the citizen.

We demand that this problem be investigated and that the perpetrator be brought to justice to avoid the worst consequences before it is too late.

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