Egypt… the mother of the Yemenis and the mother of the whole world Somaya al-Faqih wrote

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Sumaya Al-Faqih

“Egypt is the mother of the world”, a phrase that surrounded us everywhere, during all the days of our life. We have heard it often, again and again, in school and history books, on the radio and television, and all who have heard. the name Egypt, the first thing they said was “Egypt is the mother of the world.” .

We didn’t know what it was or what it meant, except that it was a phrase we heard and repeated, but in time we understood what it was, and Egypt proved that it was the mother of the world and the mother of the Yemenis like well.

We did not choose our fathers and mothers, nor did we choose our homelands, and life into which we suddenly fell became hard on us, exhausted us, and we seized it and fell to our knees.
The motherland frowned on our faces and took over, and the war displaced us like Yemenis, to all the corners of the world, and the beloved Egypt patted the shoulders of our souls. It was the caring mother and the great motherland that healed our wounds, for which millions of Yemenis took refuge and found safety, refuge and shelter.

Because of the war events, its consequences and its tragedies, our country was cruel to us and closed the doors on all four sides of love. It delivered us to the wind that abuses us, the smoke that scattered our remains, and the war and destruction that scattered us through the land and cities.

Our country, Yemen, could not provide us with life. It was unable to unite our souls. It was unable to provide us with a caring mother. Rather, it drowned us in a day of tragedies and hardships, and then it threw. us away as a sailor discards the corpses of his drowned men.

Egypt opened its heart before its arms to the Yemenis with love, it opened its soul before its doors, so we entered it in peace and safety, a land where hearts are stable and where the soul is safe.

This country that embraced the cries of the Yemenis, ensured their fear and terror, did not close its doors to Yemen, did not distinguish between them and its citizens, did not show them its fangs or make their paths difficult. for them, but rather said to them: “Go, for you are free.”

You did not face them with iron, fire, smoke, bullets, traps and cannons, but rather with safety and gentleness. All means of livelihood and work were open to them. They lived and lived. They opened projects and built for them a homeland of peace until their number became two million seven hundred thousand Yemenis, enjoying tranquility, the smile of the Egyptians, their light blood. , and their cheerful spirit, despite all the worries of daily life that they face. They are like all Arabs in facing the demands of life.

Enter it in peace and safety.. How I love this vast mother of love, peace, gentleness and reassurance.. Egypt is the mother of the Yemenis and the mother of the whole world.

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