From the dictionary of Houthi ugliness, “Zionists” is the last thing they have attached to the Yemenis. Written by Hamdan Al-Ali

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It is enough to look at even a part of the history of Yemen written by the imams (ancestors of the Houthis) to find a sufficient answer to the question that many Yemenis ask, which is: Why do the Houthis have a strange will and exceptional speed. to insult the Yemenis and slander them with the most vile words?!
Why don’t they have limits or controls on this? Why don’t they hesitate a little or be ashamed to insult those who live among them and attach ugly accusations and obscenities to them?! As soon as you disagree with Al-Houthi, he quickly and comfortably describes you as an infidel, an atheist, a hypocrite, an adulterer, a sodomite, a Zionist, a mercenary, an agent, a traitor, a corruptor, of the unknown. lineage, ISIS operative, takfiri…etc from the terms that represent their culture and that we see on their social media sites and media?!

In 2004, the Houthis considered the Yemeni army and the Yemeni tribes in Saada and Amran as agents of America until they took control of Saada. In 2012 and 2013, they considered the Yemeni tribes in Amran as backward, traditional forces, and the cause of the destruction and ruin of Yemen, and they provoked much against them.
In 2014, they said that those who rule Sana’a are corrupt, Takfiris, and Al-Qaeda, and those characteristics that they linked to the Yemenis were used to invade Al-Bayda. They then described the inhabitants of Taiz and the southern regions as ISIS. , and launched successive campaigns against them to kill them and blow up their homes.
In 2015, they described the Yemenis who stood against them as hypocrites, mercenaries, traitors and agents of Saudi Arabia, and after they concluded agreements with the state, which they described as “Al-Atwan”, they found what happened in Gaza, an opportunity. to describe the Yemenis who stand against their racist project as “Arab Zionists”, after the previous descriptions have become inappropriate today. Because they have become in the arms of those they called aggression..!
This is a quick presentation of some of the insults and descriptions that the Houthi gang has used against Yemenis over the past two eras, and they are known far and wide, especially since their gang leaders are constantly raving about them.
But today I tried to collect some of the descriptions they used against the Yemenis since the arrival of their master who taught them ugliness and obscenity until today. They are all from their books and writings and not from our imagination. The book “The War of Rumors… The Imamate in Yemen… History of Defamation” by Dr. Thabet Al-Ahmadi contained a large part of it, and I have tried to summarize it here, so that this text does not be too long.
Yahya Al-Rasi began to curse the Yemenis who rejected the myth of racist guardianship by targeting the Hamdan tribe, led by Sheikh Al-Da’am Ibn Ibrahim. Al-Rasi’s biographer said of Al-Da’am: “And were immoral soldiers. with Al-Da’am, who drank alcohol, rode on males, and openly deceived women … He was in The Al-Da’am army in “Beit Dhu’d” included four hundred immoral women who exhibited immorality openly, and did not cover it; rather, the soldiers brought them to court before their sultans and their workers, and every evening they assembled at the door of their immoral sultan and played before him, spreading their hair, displaying their adornment, displaying their beauties, and wearing the most beautiful clothes. Whatever clothes they can afford to show what is on their bodies, then the soldiers come, and if the man likes one of them, he gives her a dirham in the presence of whoever is present with; them, so that perhaps she will not go to him that night, so when the morning comes, he will come to the Sultan, and inform him that his cursed man did not go to him, and she took his dirhams, and his authority. then orders that they be returned and that they go to their owner…”
So let’s start from here.. What are the obscenities related to the Yemenis who face Al-Houthi and his ancestors in Yemen:

-They drink alcohol.
-They ride males.
-They openly attack women.
-Yemen women are immoral (mentioned in their books in different ways, methods and places)
-They honor the guest by offering him their daughters or sisters (mentioned in their books in different ways, methods and places).
– Thieves and bandits (mentioned in their books in different ways, methods and places).
-People of affliction in themselves.
– Women are corrupt.
-They bring men and women together.
“They do not want religion to stand, nor stop drinking alcohol and committing immorality.”
-Magicians (they said about Ali bin Al-Fadl and his followers that they are Magicians).
They said that Ali bin Al-Fadl commanded people to marry mothers and sisters and to drink alcohol, and he prohibited everything that was permissible, and made permissible everything that was forbidden, and he disbelieved in Muhammad, may the prayers of God and peace be upon him, and in what came from God, and he claimed divinity, and that he gathered men in one place and women in another place, then send the men to the women, so the mother will fall to the son, and the sister will fall to the brother, and whoever refuses to do this, kill him and allow his sanctity to those with him.
-They play the drums and flutes that echo back to the mosque and the people pray.
-And they vomit alcohol inside mosques.
-They have incestuous sex. Ahmed bin Suleiman says in his book about the Yemenis:
I am not Ahmed’s son if I leave on my fins.* They strive and boast of incest
They meet every Friday night. When they meet, they turn off the lamp
Then he said: “There is not one of them left who fasts Ramadan, and they committed immoral acts, and they set a night for themselves, which they called the Night of Ifdah, in which they would commit sins on sisters, mothers and daughters. , and some of them would go to each other, so that there would not be a bad thing left that they would not do, and they would drink alcohol, and become addicted to drinking it.”

-They demonstrate against the evil of drinking alcohol and entertainment (the words of the murderer Abdullah bin Hamzah on the authority of the people of the village of Al-Khalq in Al-Jawf).
-Infidels, and they believe in Musaylimah the liar.
-They claim prophecy.
– Polytheists.
-They did not make their god except the charitable women and the corrupt, and they did not know of any other usury for them (the words of Al-Qasim bin Muhammad, the founder of the Qasimi unit in Yemen, on the authority of the Yemeni Sufis who opposed him), as he said: “He who works with them is an infidel, and he who does good to them is an infidel; because whoever does this, he has helped to destroy Islam, and he who has helped to destroy Islam is an infidel. .
– People of evil, ignorance and failure to apply the correct Islamic law in these regions (the words of Al-Mutawakkil Ali Allah Ismail about the inhabitants of Hadhramaut with the aim of controlling it, and when he wanted to control “Aden and Lahj).” in the year 1055 AH, it was spread that its prince destroyed the foundations of Islam, revealed the evils and made appearances of prostitution, And also for wine, and when he wanted to control the lands of Al-Rasas and the lands. about Yafi’ , he said that they were ignorant and did not apply the correct Sharia. And in another place he said: “Regarding the lands of Al-Rasas, and the associated Mus’abs and Murads, they are ignorant, blind. , and responsible An ‘am, and among a thousand there is not one among them who prays.” Or he knows anything about the legal or reasonable obligation… and they do not mention any of the obligations or abominable things with prohibition or permission. .” The biographer mentioned in the same context that when Sultan Ahmed bin Ali al-Rasas died, women walked at his funeral, right and left, “with their hair spread and uncovered.”
– They described the Yemeni imam and scholar Muhammad bin Ali Al-Shawkani in the most vulgar terms, as Ibn Hariwah said in his book called “Al-Ghattam Al-Zakhar, the purifier of the gardens of flowers from the effects of a torrential torrent” that Al-Shawkani is “a cursed infidel, a dog, an ass, a fool, an insulting man, an atheist, a charlatan, a sinner, a hypocrite, misguided, malicious, evil, sucking his mother’s clitoris, shunning Islam, deviating from the religion, a companion of Satan , imitator of religion, devil of atheism…” All this is because Al-Shawkani distracts people from following the family of the Prophet, according to Ibn Huryuh.
They described the Yemeni jurist and revolutionary Saeed bin Yassin Al-Danwa as a sorcerer, a sorcerer, a pretender to the Mahdi and the Jew, the devil and the greatest of tyrants. All this because he rejected the rule of the racist, dynastic state.
Al-Mansur Muhammad Hamid al-Din, the father of Imam Yahya, used to say about the people of Hajur who were hostile to him: “They knew nothing of Islam except its name, and nothing of the Qur’an except its inscription. . . and likewise the display of women, mixing, and not wearing pants.”
The same accusation was repeated by his son Yahya when he invaded the land of Al-Maqatirah from Taiz in the year 1339 AH, and spread the worst characteristics about them, such as when he said: “… they were negligent in matters of religion until they had nothing left of it and its teachings to promise the people of Islam, to the point of neglecting marriage contracts and abandoning prayer.” And the destruction of mosques.” And on the authority of Banu Saad of Hajur, he said of them when they opposed him that they “were tempted by Satan, so they followed the people of tyranny, bowed to the Tihamah dynasty, and supported the people of corruption and blame . .”
When the Yemeni reform and opposition movement was formed in the early 1940s and later, which was led by the first men of reform, such as Al-Akwa’, Al-Warith, Numan, Al-Zubayri, Al-Iryani, and other young men who were affected by the new changes, the most effective weapon with which the priest Yahya Hamid Al-Din confronted them was his saying that these The youth are “modernists” who want to “shorten the Holy Qur’an” and abandon prayer and fasting, and they are influenced by Christians and the infidel West.

After knowing this Imam-Houthi ugliness, which is peculiar to them, you must understand, dear reader, that the Houthis describe the Yemenis as Zionists, because – and here I mean the Yemenis – they reject the racism of the myth of the Houthi -mandate and for absolutely nothing else. I have no comment on this ugly description except the well-known saying: “It threw me with its innocence and slipped away.”
The Houthis – currently – describe anyone who rejects their racism, injustice and corruption in Yemen as a “Zionist”, despite their knowledge and certainty that the Yemenis, without exception, are among the peoples who most reject the Israeli occupation and are most zealous. on restoration of Palestinian land.

That gang continued since the arrival of Yahya Al-Rasi to perpetuate that duality:
– (The first party) The good, the pure and the patriots, who are the elements of the dynasty, apart from those who want to be slaves and followers of it, who believe in its discourses, slogans and myths. , and coexist with its racism.
– Regarding (the second party), all those who reject the myth of racist guardianship and the discrimination of the lineage of the two underbelly, and they, in contrast to the first party, are bad infidels, atheists, hypocrites, corrupt agents, traitors. , mercenaries, Jews, and last but not least “Zionists”. Therefore, anyone who is described by those descriptions deserves to be killed, tortured and confiscated. Money and property, or displacement at least, and this is what the Yemeni people have been exposed to for almost two decades at the hands of this gang.

Finally, always remember that the ugliness and obscenity mentioned here are taken from their books and the biographies of their well-known political and religious leaders, and not just posts by unknown people on social media.

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