Iran affairs researcher: Al-Houthi achieved three ‘goals’ with threats to attack Israeli ships

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A researcher on Iranian affairs said that what is happening in Gaza will undoubtedly “cast a shadow over the world in general and the Middle East region in particular, and Yemen is involved in this because of the participation of the Houthis in what is known as the axis of resistance , and their effort to take the lead in current events by unsuccessful moves to create excitement.” Media, nothing more.”

“This turmoil is being exploited by the Revolutionary Guards to hide their non-interference in the war after it made Palestine its central issue for more than 40 years with slogans it used to establish the Quds Force, which intervened in many countries of the region . except for Palestine,” according to the Iranian affairs researcher. Hope of the world.

Regarding the consequences of this on Yemen, Alam says, “It will be negative in the next stage, because the Houthis have transformed Yemeni geography and waterways into a source of threat to the security of international navigation.” She added: Even if their moves are not serious, they make the possibility of directing attacks against ships and preventing navigation in the Red Sea and Bab al-Mandab an open option if necessary, and this has negative future consequences for Yemen.

As for how the Houthi position could serve Iran, the researcher mentioned three “important” issues in this context, the first of which is: “Reducing pressure on the rest of the axis, especially Hezbollah, regarding entering a war with Israel or. at least to direct a strike against Israel consistent with the slogans of the axis. Second: “Providing a deterrent factor to prevent the expansion of the war and avoid directing a strong blow to anyone in the axis, and the third thing: “Supporting ideological. slogans , and providing an opportunity for mobilization.”

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