Maran Axis celebrates the end of the training, rehabilitation and combat year for its forces for the year 2023 AD

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Saada (Aden of Tomorrow) Hamid Al-Tamari

Today, the Marine Axis held a celebration for the conclusion of the training and combat program for the year 2023 for the Axis forces, with the graduation of a number of combat and tactical courses, which included religious and military combat doctrine courses, including military reconnaissance. and control courses, military communications, military engineering, military support, first medical aid, administrative affairs and other military arts.

The ceremony included a symbolic military parade of the forces, honoring the graduates who won first places in those courses, and honoring those in charge of them, including teachers and trainers.

During it, the Commander of the Axis, Commander of the Al-Urouba Brigades, Major General Abdul Karim Al-Sadai, made a motivational speech in which he praised the efforts made, which will bear fruit in the future in the battle to eliminate. of the Houthi dynasty coup project and build the desired state, the State of Greater Yemen, which contains all Yemenis without discrimination, racism, class or dynasty.

The Axis Commander also emphasized the great importance of religious and military ideological and combat qualification and training saying, “What is represented in taking these intensive courses is the great thing, because the fruits that will be harvested from these fields build the individual in a right way, so that one day he will be a statesman who can be trusted to achieve many goals.” Tasks with pure faith for the sake of God and then for the homeland”, underlining the need to fill and sharpen souls in preparation to wage the highest and purest battle in the history of our firm people, set against the militias of death, destruction, reactionism and backwardness

On the other hand, Major General Al-Sada’i said that the celebration of victory will inevitably take place in Tahrir Square and the 70th, no matter how different the roads are, only victory will be the way to true peace, and what lies ahead. beyond it are only false slogans that the Houthis sing falsely and fraudulently, and the Yemeni citizen cannot be deceived by those recent accusations that he claims. With it, he attacked Israel, the Palestinian cause, and Al-Aqsa, which are very far from his goals and objectives. Rather, he uses them as an excuse to attract the sympathy of his followers and for local media consumption.

Major General Al-Sadaei also praised the heroic role and legendary steadfastness played by the Palestinian resistance in the beloved country of Palestine against the criminal Zionist arrogance, where the Arab peoples were prevented from supporting them by the evil arms of Iran, which claims to stand. by their side while they wreak havoc, corruption, killing, destruction and bombing in the Arab countries like them. Israel today has the same approach and method.

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