My high school, Yafa Rasd, holds a science and culture competition

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Monitoring (Aden of Tomorrow) Special:

My high school for primary and secondary education for boys and girls in the Shaab Al-Armi area in Bayafa District, Abyan Governorate, held a scientific and cultural competition on the morning of Wednesday, November 14, 2023 AD, to develop the scientific scientific of the students and cultural knowledge and create an honorable competition between male and female students in the presence of the man of goodness and generosity, brother Amin Haidara Qasim Abu Osama. .

In the symposium, which was opened with verses from the Holy Quran, recited by the student Youssef Majed, and an honorable lecture presented by the student Muhammad Ali Mohsen, the headmaster, the distinguished professor Saif Abdullah Ali, gave a speech from the school. administration, in which he welcomed all the guests present, the members of the Parent Council, all the male and female teachers, and his male and female children, and he explained in The context of his speech is that the holding of such seminars and extracurricular competitions is increasing the culture of students, expands their knowledge, and teaches them courage and self-confidence. When a student stands in front of his fellow students to make a speech or answer a question, he thus creates for himself the respect and appreciation of his colleagues as well; like his teachers, and in his speech he calls on all his male and female students to participate. He was instrumental in making this competition a success, wishing them more excellence and success so that the name of Al-Wasti School will rise.

At the end of his speech, he thanked his fellow teachers, male and female, for the efforts they make with the male and female students in academic achievement. He also thanked the management of the Education Office in the Directorate, led by the eminent Professor. Adel Ahmed Sheikh, for their diligent following and continuous encouragement to hold such competitions. In conclusion, he extended his sincere thanks and appreciation to the good people who occupy honorable positions. Supporters of the educational process of the people of the Shaab Al- Arami areas to stand by the school, its teachers, and its male and female students.

After that the student speech was made in English, made by the student Salah Arif Saleh, and the student speech was made by the student Shamaa Zaid Ali Shaif. After that there were scientific competitions, most of which were in the English language, between the male and female students from the fourth grade of the elementary school to the second grade of the middle school, and the answers were successful between the two schools, through which the development was evident. What is noticeable in the levels of male and female students in the two schools

Then came the paragraph Did You Know in English with its translation into Arabic by the brilliant and diligent student Dalal Anis Al-Issaei, and various other paragraphs.

The symposium and scientific competition was attended by the man of goodness and giving, brother Amin Haidara Qasim Abu Osama, whose presence had a positive effect in motivating the male and female students with cash prizes, as well as motivating all 34 male and female students of the school. teachers with financial sums.

The symposium was also attended by Pastor Muhammad Gibran Nasser Abu Khaled, Director of the Youth and Student Department of the Transitional Council, Supervisory Director, Mr. Amer Ali Al-Awadi, members of the Parental Council, Anis Hussein Abd Rabbo Al-Issaei, Saleh Abdul-Mawla, Ali Hussein Al-Zahr, Moein Thabet Saleh, some social figures of the region, and some parents of male and female students.

*By Awad Al-Saadi

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