My pillaged and plundered homeland Written by Muhammad Al-Soukah

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Which country are you talking about in that song I listened to last night, in which the singer says: “Take the positions and the winnings, but leave the motherland for me.” What kind of country is this that they leave us? Each meter is a tax point

I feel very surprised, and I sympathize with this poor singer who only wants a homeland. You do not have and will not find a homeland. Everything in it, from stones and trees to the air, has been robbed. So what is left for you in it ?You won’t even find the grave, because when you hide in the grave, You have to pay to enter the grave

By God, it is a disaster that we are experiencing in this country that this singer is looking for… I am sure that he did not live in this country, otherwise he would have witnessed the tragedies of those who live in these countries, who were robbed of their will and whose wealth was robbed… and the suffering of the employee asking for his salary, and of the citizen who begs for a living… this is my country. I live in it without dignity. .Someone comes carrying his weapon and attacks my country or my house and robs it by force of arms. The law and those responsible are on the side of the aggressor… What country are we talking about… and there is the rest of the conversation, if there is a rest of life… and only that…

Muhammad Al-Suka

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