Prime Minister: Government coordination with the United Nations to implement the sustainable development approach in Aden, Hadramaut, Lahj, and Taiz

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(Aden of tomorrow) Sabant:

Prime Minister Dr. Maeen Abdulmalik announced government coordination with the United Nations to implement a regionally-based sustainable development approach in the temporary capital, Aden, Hadramaut, and Lahj, in addition to Taiz, which would change international interventions in the direction of restoring the path of development.

The Prime Minister explained in his speech during the launch of the consultative workshop to discuss the economic and social development plan for Taiz Governorate 2024-2026, today, Saturday, that this plan, which comes as a first stage, can provide an innovative model that will be a guide for other counties… noting the efforts made to focus on the development needs of the county. , which represents an important model in building development visions in accordance with real needs about reality and in accordance with the vision and needs of local authorities in partnership with international institutions.

He said, “Nine years since the beginning of the war initiated by the terrorist Houthi militia, and if we go back to the evaluation of international interventions, we find that they have focused mainly on emergency interventions, and we have always called on the United Nations to to balance emergency interventions and development interventions, because these interventions are as important as they are, but they gradually affect the productive culture of the society does not contribute to improving the living conditions of the beneficiaries by creating livelihoods or contributing to economic stability.”

Dr. Moeen Abdul-Malik pointed out the importance of development as a basis for peace in Yemen, pointing out that the effects of the war were not limited to destruction and the human cost, but were present in the networks of interests and the war economy. , and restoring the normal situation through development and economic activity is the way to dismantle this complex and open the way to peace and stability.
He considered the economic and social development plan, which covers 17 liberated districts in Taiz and sets the basic priorities for a period of two years 2024-2026, as a successful start, so that work is in line with medium-term visions that enable. the allocation of international funds and official efforts both to the private and popular sectors in a systematic way to achieve clear and practical goals.

The prime minister directed the workshops to discuss the plan and formulate appropriate visions for its implementation, noting its focus on comprehensive priorities in aspects of governance and public administration, peace and security, integrated basic and social services, and realizing the economic potential of Taiz. , in addition to issues of transparency, fighting corruption, community involvement, strengthening the role of women, and developing Revenues in a way that allows the municipality to restore control of revenue bases and allocate them to the basic needs of the people of the county. , and the activity of civil society in dealing with issues related to the conflict and its effects on the people of the city, and other very important priorities.. Expressing his aspiration to the visions that the workshop will come out to implement those The plan, which will be a model that can be applied in other counties.

For his part, the Governor of Taiz Governorate, Nabil Shamsan, said that this workshop is taking place under difficult circumstances that our Yemeni people are going through, especially due to the economic and social challenges that are accelerating due to the current circumstances.

Shamsan added that achieving sustainable development requires inclusive efforts and encouraging the effective participation of local communities. Community participation at all stages of planning, implementation and supervision achieves development goals in a more effective and comprehensive manner. He also appreciated the interaction of international development partners. looks forward to these efforts culminating in the adoption of clear steps to support the plan.

The effectiveness of this workshop comes in the framework of the United Nations plan to change from urgent humanitarian support to development solutions in Yemen. Taiz Governorate was chosen to be the first governorate through which the plan will be implemented, so that its results will be indicative . for the remaining Yemeni governorates, in coordination between UN agencies, donors, local authorities and community organizations. Active civil.

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