Renewing sanctions against President Saleh and his son complicates the Yemeni crisis Written by Ahmed Abdullah Al Majidi

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The nine lean years of senseless war in our country have resulted in destruction, dispersion, displacement, deterioration of economic conditions and the fall of the currency. The largest sector of citizens has been damaged in their lives, livelihood, work, housing and security, so that more than 80 percent of the population now lives below the poverty line, which portends a food disaster, as indicated by forecasts. An international that requires overcoming this situation humanely, morally and religiously in order to save what can be saved before it is too late . .

The issue is related to the regional actors and major countries directly related to the Yemeni crisis. As for the Yemeni political elites, they have confirmed their inability to manage the country and bring it to security, and have become part of the problem and not the solution.

Despite this, the international efforts to bring peace to Yemen, the role played by the fraternal Sultanate of Oman, and the positive indicators of the policy of the fraternal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia also in that direction, including the steps it means to resolve the crisis, stop the continuous bleeding, and close the file, call to be optimistic from among the rubble and destruction. Among the lack of clarity is the vision that the citizen should see to lift him from the state of despair that he reached

In light of such situations, which portend both optimism and concern, efforts to promote dialogue and silence the guns are definitely steps in the right direction.
It is surprising that the United Nations, the highest international body for resolving disputes and putting out fires in the world, is engaged in renewing unjust and invalid sanctions against former president Ali Abdullah Saleh and his son, Brigadier General Ahmed, which it accepted ambiguously. circumstances at the beginning of the crisis.
While wisdom, logic and the process of political and negotiating action today make it necessary to cancel these sanctions to put out the fire, and not add fuel to it.
While we realize that renewing such sanctions is only a complication of the crisis and not a solution to it.

We condemn such behavior, and call on the United Nations to reconsider its position and cancel the sanctions against President Saleh and his son Ahmed.

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