The Director General of Shipping Customs honors the trainees at the end of the radiation protection training course

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On Thursday, a four-day radiation protection training course for customs officers ended at shipping customs.

In the closing ceremony, Mr. Thabet Awad Mubarak, Director General of Land Shipping Port Customs, emphasized the importance of the course to increase the efficiency of the trainees, pointing out that our current era is the era of development, technology and modern automated systems. .

He appreciated the zeal of the Ministry of Finance and the Presidency of the Customs Authority in their efforts to encourage business movement and provide distinguished customs services through qualification and training frameworks.

The Director of Customs expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Minister of Finance, Mr. Salem Saleh Bin Brik, the Governor of Al-Mahra, Mr. Muhammad Ali Yasser, and Mr. Abdul-Hakim Radman Al-Qubati, Head of the Customs. Authority, for the efforts and support they provide to develop work and develop the skills of customs staff.

He also thanked the trainer, Mr. Mushtaq Faisal Zain, Head of the Radiology Department at the Customs Authority, for his efforts in theoretical and practical application, encouraging the trainees to benefit from the course results and apply them to the practical reality in a way. this contributes to improving performance and customs work as a single work team.

On his part, the trainer, Mr. Mushtaq Faisal Zain, reviewed the results, objectives, principles and concepts of the course and their importance to maintain the safety and security of the employee and protect him from radiation risks.

At the end of the event, the Director General of Customs, Mr. Thabet Awad Mubarak, honored the participants in the training course with certificates of participation presented by the Presidency of the Customs Authority.

The conclusion of the meeting was attended by Mr. Mohammed bin Mohammed Zaabnut, Director General of the Shipping Directorate, Deputy Director General of Customs and department directors.

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