The Houthis are raising commercial electricity rates

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The Ministry of Electricity of the unrecognized Houthi government has announced the increase of the commercial electricity unit tariff for consumers in areas under its control.
According to the group’s Saba agency, the ministry approved a new tariff for the commercial electric power unit, at 257 riyals per kilowatt, starting last Thursday. November 16th.
The new tariff came with an increase of 9 riyals per kilowatt compared to the previous tariff, which was approximately 248 riyals per kilowatt, which is the tariff in effect since the beginning of last July.
The Ministry attributed the reason for the increase in commercial electricity rates to the increase in the price of diesel, which was announced by the group’s oil company on November 11, by 500 riyals for a 20-liter package.

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