The man who looks like a mountain died.. Major General Dr. Abdullah Ahmed bin Ahmed

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Written by / Muqbil Saeed Shafal

Through a phone call, the famous journalist colleague Brigadier General Ali Mansour Muqrat was delivered to me today, Saturday morning, 17/11/2023, the news of the death of Major General Dr. Abdullah Ahmed bin Ahmed in his forced exile in the British. capital, London.
In such difficult moments, man trembles from the fear of death and the tragedy of eternal separation, as an innate human condition, based on deep faith with the inevitability of deadlines, and in accordance with the words of God Almighty, “All on it. will be, and the face of your Lord, possessed of majesty and honor, will remain.” God Almighty spoke the truth, and when we say and describe a man that he is like a mountain in the strength of his stability. The man did not waver during his life’s struggle and leadership as a leader and politician, while we knew none of the leaders or politicians, who represented in him the experience of this rare, simple, humble and great human leader through his actions and his influential role from the stage of self-formation through the national struggle. He was one of the men who contributed to the establishment of the Army of the Republic of Yemen. People’s democracy. And for historical honesty, I say that Dr. Major General Abdullah Ahmed bin Ahmed. Al-Halmi was an example of a role model leader. The selfish spirit could not penetrate and scratch his consciousness and pious spirit that loved good for others more than he loved for himself. For this reason, according to the testimony of many, whenever a vacancy came; up, he would refuse to take the leading position and recommend others. That is the truth that made the reputation of the man do the great and great, because we have never met such a patriotic and humanitarian spirit full of love for good and public interest. The deceased; a great man has held a number of leadership positions in the political department in the army of the People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen since his transfer in the war of 1994. The fatal, and after he settled in exile in Great Britain, he had the credit and the main role in establishment of the first political movement, Crown, in Great Britain, at a very, very early time. As a man is innate to the idea of ​​victory for great things and the supremacy of the national interest, he remained as a man. an engine that burns from within, and without it, the vehicle would not be able to go forward. Having moved forward, he lived in error and others appeared, which does not constitute the slightest problem in the consciousness and convictions of the great man, only as a means to to show the truth and justice to this great man who was greatly wronged in the shadow of leaders who unfortunately knew nothing else than the selfish, destructive self-love that tormented us, and we are sure that this is plucking. A simple biography of a man who left us a humanitarian and leadership experience that cannot be repeated with the same chastity, honesty and selflessness.

We repeat, this is part of the most important truth that many may not know about the life of a man whose humanitarian and leadership experience should be widespread, and his rare political role in a period in which the immorality and greed of many politicians has increased, which caused the people almost eternal suffering, after the politicians of the time consumed everything, and the people knew nothing worse than that. They suffer in this bitter stage.. What if our brave politicians represented something from the experience of the a prominent politician. and a fighter, Major General Dr. Abdullah Ahmed bin Ahmed, who won nothing but history and honorable reputation until he met his Lord, honorable, dear and great in the eyes of the honorable and loyal to their homelands.

May God have mercy on the late great doctor Abdullah Ahmed bin Ahmed and grant him a vast paradise. We ask God to inspire his family, loved ones and all his lovers inside and outside the country with patience and consolation. We belong to God and to Him we shall return.

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