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Dr….Ali Abdel Karim…..
If the story of the Noble Creator, Glory to Him, the Almighty, is not and will not be fulfilled by direct narration, while it can be told by the authority of the mind, and from here I thought today to enter into a matter. related to the necessities of thinking outside the scope of the box in which they imprisoned us………in which they imprisoned us…… In him is the fear that the mind will go too deep. .. to know the facts of things and the truth of what is happening as a way to achieve the greatest amount of knowledge about the facts of the things that they deliberately withhold from us, which prevents our cities from being flooded with the flow of information that has come to control the current world, because there is nothing. It happens outside this system that allows more… flow… information controlled and controlled by imperial administrations. Systems for the flow of information around everything small and large, and through it, the course of events, whether political, whether economic, military, or even more important, are repeated and developed. We live in one of the most important stages of human development. We live in a stage of revolution in technical informatics. The world has begun to live in a contradictory reality. There is an abundance against a lack of things and a scarcity of other things…….. I mean precise. ……. information, while there is a flow of nonsense and what causes confusion…… Imagine how we keep gasping for correct information. For example, we kept searching and researching what happened between Riyadh…… ….and Sana’a recently, to no avail. We continued to gasp in a whirlpool while we, as individuals and people, could think of anything… …and that is an advantage. because of the mind………which the Noble Lord gave us………..but, ironically…we don’t understand and can’t understand everything..but we. .. As time, science and the development of humanity have proven, we can think deeply about anything… The important thing is that there should be healthy thinking… that serves humanity. Here is a paradox happening between the goals . of…politics with all its consequences and the status of wisdom. The solid mind, where we find that the complementarity between the absence of reason and the corridors of power….they lead to something other than what the healthy mind seeks. , not what it is looking for………..corruptions of interests that control the disparate interests of the authorities with their various names, served by flowing information. It is easy and easy for her…. .. …so we say and repeat the saying if we continue
We are all individuals, politicians or leaders trapped within the limits of a mind that is besieged by healthy thinking, but the limited mind seeks only to seize the opportunity at any price, to seize or seize the golden opportunity that if it passes without seizing. it, this will no longer be the state of mind. The sources prevailed during the years of the war. It was the same story that was promoted that there was no alternative to not getting wealth during the leader’s reign…. ..These mindsets that were judged within the box of Muawiyah were the ones that destroyed the country and its people
What happened…….. its devastating effects on the head of our country and our people and makes people only victims within their miserable reality to pay the price in blood, poverty and war that continues. Thus our reality remains only bubble of the obsessive bubble of seeking the unknown based on ignorance…… And opportunism, addiction, and the destruction of the place of exercise of the mind in favor of those who manage the game of money and power, and the a game of trading the accuracy of information by the goblins of Google, and the game of platforms, information centers and hot media programs, talk shows with stars who make lies. They lie like foxes, they sabotage minds, they destroy homelands, and they throw crumbs to homelands, and nothing is left for all groups. Unless they are one of the groups that are saved or sunk in the kingdom of lies, playing in vain and falsely praying to the Lord for help, and God does not help those who do not… possess… a complete and liberated mind… He thinks and must think outside the box… Regarding the box of blind dependence on money , power and work, it remained connected. , blind, and not thinking… But curse the devil… the damned one.
Yes…… Yes… We cannot understand or understand everything that destroyed our country, but we have the power to think well, away from the fragments of distorted information. It comes to us from here and there until we found that those who are……… inside the battlefields…… have only a small …………. of the flow of information. … …. The exact minute that constitutes supply and material to manage the battle that is going on in our country, expand … and share, finance, and play all aspects of the deadly Yemeni crisis, which is increasingly killed and torn apart under slogans raised here and there and across entities. The farthest thing to say about them is that they are not the makers of the information facts that should flow like the blood of simple people of Yemen on the ground… like the imprecise. information and inappropriate decisions that rule our country by those with the solution And the contract, or as it is known in the dictionary of the politics of the real forces that manage… and play in Yemen… under the name of the living ones forces present on earth…while they are forces…generated and financed by the forces…….who holds the threads of…….information and manages its steering wheel, whether it is attached . with Google and its sisters……. or it is inside….. the Google conference box……. and others… Forces and centers that think and pump… the quantity and a type of information used to manage conflicts in various regions, among others in our country…That is why we say that information has become more valuable and important, the oil element, the ghost of the time that is about to die, that is, an era.Oil . , and from here begin attempts to transform the world beyond the scope of Davos and all the centers to pump and flow the torrent of money and information. For your information, we find that Google’s annual meetings are often held in the House of Evil, Great Britain , or Davos in Switzerland… … The rulers here always think outside the box…. and they force us to think… always inside the box that imprisoned us…. and imprisoned the whole world, as well how they imprisoned our country, which conquered itself, because we have……… Who accepts and firmly believes that he is a king and a hero…… The poor theater performance about the war drama that is ; destroying our country… They don’t particularly notice… The one who assumed the role of the one sent by the heavenly providence to save our country while he is destroying it just like those who are led by Google addiction. They don’t think. … past their noses.
Get out of your bottle and get us out and get our country out of the state of mind under siege. Don’t kill us, sometimes with the narrow interests that you see as beneficial to you, and sometimes with the interests that you deny saying that. they were sent to you from heaven.
Free the minds whose rights you have imprisoned and confiscated to think outside your flimsy box………Google’s box…….. to reason with them and trust them.
There is nothing….. except the mind indicating…….. morning and evening, and this mind tells us that…
….The legitimacy that was relied upon lost the keys to the workings of its mind somewhere, so it disappeared and we were lost…with it.
….As for…..the transitional transitional party, it has become…content to stay inside its box and shut the doors on itself, believing that its key remains the only key that alone possesses the complete truth and no one else… the magic solution… the key to the southern issue.
….. As for…….. the owner of the Sana’a project…. he believes that his key is the only clear magic key apart from the rest of the keys, because he is entrusted. with a heavenly mandate to light the way for him…… As for the rest of the keys They are nothing more than keys…… misguidance
We may say and make an analogy that these three projects which besiege the mind, as long as it thinks beyond its control and direction, and each is born of the frail reasons which it regards as maintaining its stranglehold and besieging the truth, so that let it continue. to graze in its pastures. They are projects that do not contradict the English saying or proverb that says: What is the reason to create another Beatles band as long as the Beatles and what? A young man is there doing what is necessary, musically and otherwise!!
In conclusion…..we say that the state of fighting the mind and its status has led us to the dominance of the status of trifle and the dominance of superstitious and nonsense thought.
The syndrome of fighting against the use of the mind in thinking outside the box has brought us to a renewed awareness of what was said early on by our great professor, the late master of stages, Al-Numan, when he said his famous saying.
We sought… the freedom of speech… and today, as we seek the freedom of…
Is it not yet time for the wider national government to be an active partner while you are on the verge of a temporary project, as published, and the flag of the nation belongs to all, and there is still no place to leave the nation as? an oasis of safety, security and harmony that serves Yemen and its people, north and south, outside of any alignment that leads us to a square that the coalition left to seek its interests, leaving you a link. The Persians!! ️

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