Three Yemenis were arrested in Saudi Arabia and the security authorities issued an official announcement regarding them

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(Aden Al-Ghad) Specialty:

The Saudi authorities have announced the arrest of three people of Yemeni nationality, violating border security, who tried to smuggle quantities of the qat plant, which is prohibited from use and circulation in the Kingdom.

A statement from the Saudi security authorities said that ground patrols of the border guards in the Al-Arda sector in the Jazan region arrested (3) violators of the border security system of Yemeni nationality, for trying to smuggle (93) kilograms of the narcotic. . qat plant

The statement confirmed that the initial legal proceedings against them have been completed, and they and the seized items have been handed over to the competent authority.

It called on the security authorities to report all available information to citizens and residents on any activities related to drug trafficking or drug promotion.

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