When will we stop the stupid things in Aden and keep our youth?| Written by Ahmed Aqeel Paras

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At a time when the brother President, Commander Aidaroos Qasim Al-Zubaidi, Chairman of the Southern Transitional Council, Vice Chairman of the Leadership Council, and his colleagues in Riyadh are negotiating a real role for the South in the next stage and are trying hard to win for their people at this stage, which is considered the most dangerous and complex of the stages of the history of the South, and at a time when people are waiting with fear. They are worried about what is happening there in Riyadh, and they should put their hands on their hearts. The mistakes in Aden are increasing higher and the nonsense is increasing. We do not know if all this is happening due to coincidence or planned and deliberate actions, to the point that everyone is amazed. about what is happening, the type of what is happening, and the reasons for what is happening, as if we in Aden need what is happening. So that we are distorted and diminished by some of the successes that we have achieved during the past period and what we extracted for a small part of the rights, even if they are simple.

It is noticeable that whenever we are on the threshold of a new right or stand before a new crossroads, we find a new line of forces or people associated with us, who are supposed to be of our forces and of many of our forces. the fact that these mistakes in their totality are individual and are attributed to those who made them, their effect goes beyond the individuals. Those who carried it out, it affects us and our credibility internally before our people, and it also weakens and affects those who should take us before others abroad, from the events of Crater years ago and before the visit of the UN envoy to Aden to the events of Sheikh Othman and the recklessness of what happened in Al-Tawahi today and also before to agree on understandings regarding the Yemeni file and the situation. The South, through the events of Labor Island, Dar Saad, and other events, we find that all these mistakes at the beginning were very simple mistakes that could have been avoided if the relevant leaders would be at the level of responsibility and acted wisely and in accordance with what was dictated by their national duty to the South, or even acted in accordance with what was dictated to them. It is the honor and duty of the profession and the position which they occupy. Those who made mistakes and those who caused these mistakes are our children and young people. They were at the front of the lines facing the enemies of the South, and they are not devils. Rather, silence for their simple mistakes and failure to deal. them outright and confronting them is what worked to demonize them in the end, or made simple random events out of them. Big, hard events.

Therefore, today we really need a real evaluation and assessment of the work of the executive, military and security leaders in Aden during the last stage to find out if they are actually working for the benefit of the South or if they are serving. other goals and agendas that are not in the interest of the South and have nothing to do with its project, for which thousands fell among martyrs, wounded and disappeared. For his work, and without this assessment and evaluation, the series of mistakes will be ; continue, and we will continue to lose many of our youth and heroes through their demonization, and we will finally find ourselves alone, facing a fate that we do not want, neither for us nor for our country. We will then cry. blood instead of tears, but it will be too late.

In conclusion, we can only say: God protect the South, protect our leader, our president and all our honorable leaders, and guide them to the path of goodness, and God protect us from our blood, and strengthen our country with justice, security and security, and let these errors stop…

And the God of the intention behind.

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