Who is the new commander of the second military region in Hadramaut?

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The President of the Presidential Command Council, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, issued Decision No. (188) of 2023 AD, the first article of which stipulated the appointment of Brigadier General Talib Saeed Abdullah Bargash as Commander of the Second Military Region and promoted to the rank of Major General.

It is worth noting that the second military zone is one of the Yemeni military zones and is spread in the south of Hadramaut Governorate, in Al-Mahra Governorate, and on Socotra Island, and its command center is located in the city of Mukalla.

Below is the biography of Major General Talib Saeed Abdullah Bargash:

Name: Talib Saeed Abdullah Bargash
Rank: Staff Brigadier
Joining the military service 6/7/1972 AD
First promotion to second lieutenant: 2/15/1979 AD
Dean was promoted by Presidential Decree No. 100 (of 2016) issued on 7/31/2016.
Date of birth: 1957 AD
Place of birth: Hajar District – Hadhramaut Governorate
Address: Location – Hadhramaut

Academic qualifications and courses:

– Bachelor of Military Sciences.
– Master of Command and Staff in the Soviet Union.
-Course on security and political recognition in Aden.
– Computer Diploma.
skills and experiences:
During his military service, he worked in several departments, including administration, training, and operations, and was a regular member of the annual military ministerial commissions to inspect units of the Second Military District in all fields.
– Arabic language.
– Russian language, spoken and written.

Positions held:

– Political deputy of the Aden Military Police in 1979.
– Political representative of the Al-Wahda Brigade in Al-Ghaydah in 1980.
– Chief supervisor of the political department of the Signal Corps in Aden 10/1984.
– Political Intelligence Corner of the Military College 1988/2 AD
– Director of the Training Department of the Military Intelligence Department in Sana’a in 1990.
– Deputy Chief of the Military Intelligence Division in the Second Military Region in Mukalla in 1997 AD
– Head of the Military Intelligence Division in the Second Military Region 2013-2015.
– Chief of Operations of the Second Military Region, 2015 AD, Republican Decree No. (76), 8/15/2015 AD
– Commander of the Coastal Defense Brigade 3/2016 (assigned by the regional commander).
– Commander of Al-Rayyan Brigade 5/2016 AD in the Second Military Region (Republican Resolution No. 63 of 2016 AD issued on 5/8/2016 AD).
– Commander of the Hadhhramaut District 8/2019 AD when the positions were rotated by the governor – Commander of the Second Region and until now.
– Member of the Military and Security Committee for the restructuring, organization and restructuring of the Armed and Security Forces for the year 2022 AD

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